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November Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 4
December Theme

A Cub Scout Gives Goodwill
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub Achivement #4



Whatever Advancement ceremony you chose this month – please be careful to make it clear that the awards are earned.  They are not presents or gifts.  The boys worked hard to earn them. We are not just giving them away.  Thank you.  Commissioner Dave.

The Fourth Bead, A Den Ceremony

Southern NJ Council

Cub Scouts who have completed the Wolf or Bear rank, receive their badges at a pack ceremony.  But it's a good idea to recognize them in the Den too, as soon as they finish the 12th achievement.

Personnel:        Den Leader, advancing Cub Scout

Equipment:        Bead from Immediate Recognition Kit

Den Leader: Today (Name) gets his fourth bead for passing three more achievements for Wolf (or Bear) rank. Do you know what that means?  It means that he has finished all 12 achievements for Wolf (or Bear).  At our next Pack meeting, he'll get his new badge.  I think that's great!  He'll wear his new Wolf (or Bear) badge on his left shirt pocket. (Attach bead to thong of Progress toward Ranks patch).

Keep working on advancement, (Name).  That way you will get the most fun in our Den and Pack.  Let us see you other Cubs keep advancing, too.  Congratulations!

Holiday Advancement

Santa Clara County Council

Set Up: This requires a bit of advance prep.  All boys who are to receive awards need to be notified that they should bring a can of food or a small gift to the meeting.

You’ll need a Christmas tree.

Cubmaster:    I came from the North Pole tonight to share in the spirit of giving.  Everyone should be able to feel the rewards of this wonderful season.  We have several boys here tonight to whom I would like to give something—something for which they have worked very hard and deserve to receive.  They will also be giving goodwill by helping those who are less fortunate, which is the sign of a true Scout.  (Call out boys’ names, one at a time, and present each with his award and an ornament.  The boy places his ornament on the tree and his food or gift under the tree.)

Just look at the glow and feel the true spirit of giving.  These Scouts have not only worked hard all month to earn their awards, but have shown that extra measure of kindness and giving in this season of goodwill.



Goodwill Enlightens the World

Santa Clara County Council

Setting:     Place a world globe on a table.  Place candles around the globe, one for each rank to be given out.  Dim the room lights.  Assistant Cubmaster holds a lighted candle.


Cubmaster:   We read in the newspaper every day about wars.  Television shows us daily pictures of bombings and destruction in many parts of the world.  This is a dark picture, and not what each of wants for our children and ourselves.


Scouting is one of the things that helps to bring people together because its ideals and goals are the same everywhere.  We tend to think of Cub Scouting as just our Pack and our Den.  But there are Cub Scouts like us in countries around the world.


(Name of Leader)  holds a candle representing the spirit of Cub Scouting.  As we present our advancement awards tonight, he will light a candle next to the globe fore each rank.


We have some boys who have passed the requirements for the rank of Bobcat.  Will (call Scouts receiving awards) and their parents please come forward?  (Present badges to parents to pin on boys’ uniforms and parent pins to boys to give to parents.  Light the Bobcat candle.)


(Repeat for each rank.)


Notice how the darkness surrounding the world has gone away as the light of the Cub Scout spirit has spread around the globe.  If we all continue to work on our achievements and have our Cub Scouts give Goodwill by keeping the Cub Scout Promise, we can keep the light bright and help our world to be a better place for everyone.



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