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Baloo's Bugle


February Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 7
March Theme

Why Does It Do That?
Webelos Athlete & Engineer
  Tiger Cub Program


Focus: This month’s issue of Baloo’s Bugle is dedicated to Chris.  Chris has been editing and delivering Baloo’s Bugle on a monthly basis for nine years.  This month, Chris couldn’t produce an issue because she needed time to be with family and to face some medical challenges.  Thanks to the efforts of wonderful Scouters like Barb Stephens, Steve Tobin, and Frank Sharpy, we’ve been able to piece together this issue.  If anything it is a demonstration that Scouters can pull together in a pinch and achieve great things.  That is a fitting tribute to the life Chris has breathed into this monthly newsletter.

At the same time that we want to dedicate this issue to Chris, we also want to remember the lives of the brave astronauts that were lost in the Columbia tragedy.  It was the wish of their families that the space program continue and that children still be encouraged to dream of space.  In this issue we have reprinted some “Space” theme material from an earlier issue of Baloo’s Bugle.  While we do need to express our sorrow at the terrible loss, we also need to help our Scouts to look ahead and to have hope.  Please look over the space items carefully and use your own discretion as to whether they may be appropriate in your program. 


Fund Raising Hints

If you have an independently wealthy patron to sponsor your unit, consider yourself lucky. If you are like the rest of us, from time to time you need some funds.

Almost all Councils have at least one Council-wide fund-raising event per year. These are usually a candy or popcorn sale. Many units are able to make all or most of their re-charter funds during this event. These fund raisers have the added benefit of helping the Council fund itself for the upcoming year. There are sometimes different options for the units, such as prize or no prize, and so on.

When you need additional funds, what are you to do? The first thing we need to focus on is what are the rules for your own Council? Is there a period during United Way, for example, when it would cause a conflict to be out looking for funds? Do we need to stay clear of our FOS Community Campaign? These important conflicts can easily be avoided by a simple phone call to your friendly District Executive.

OK, you are clear of conflicts, supported your Council, and still need money, what do you do? There are  many ways to raise money and there are even some that can raise a LOT of money. Some Units have raised over $600.00 by having a dessert auction at a Unit function such as a pot-luck dinner. Make a contest out of it. If you have creative things to sell, people will buy them. For instance, a cake sale with “food” theme–cakes that look like pizzas, fudgecicles, or the Queen Mary. If you can work with your Chartered Organization and use their space, maybe have a feed of some kind. Invite the church groups, PTA, or whatever. RV washes at a location along a highway. See if the local school district needs a bus cleaning party. Some larger businesses may hire your unit to clean the parking lot or weed and prune their property. Some coupon companies will pay for neighborhood flyer distribution. Try to talk your local landscape mulch supplier into letting you ask their clients if your unit can spread the mulch that they buy for a donation.

There are countless fund-raising ideas on the ‘net. BUT, make sure that you stay safe AND legal. Whenever there is a doubt, call the Scout office nearest you.


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