Advance Scout Note: Each numbered Field Order should be copied onto a separate sheet of paper and given to the patrol leader when the patrol arrive at each station. Retrieve the Field Order from the PL and reuse for the next patrol.

bpm.gif - 1.4 K1. MINEFIELD BEWARE!

dispatch.gif - 1.1 KAhead of you is a large mine field.
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KYour mission is to get through it without setting off any mines.
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KAny dropped equipment will result in lost points.
bpm.gif - 1.4 K2. SPY'S

dispatch.gif - 1.1 KIs their a spy among you?
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KCan you TRUST your fellow patrol members?
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KSplit your patrol into groups of 2.
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KTie a bowline around 2 patrol members waist and a square knot in the middle
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KLean back to test your trust.
bpm.gif - 1.4 K3. SURVIVAL CLIMB

dispatch.gif - 1.1 KYou have come upon and enemy encampment
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KIn order to penetrate their defenses you must build a ladder to scale the cliffs
bpm.gif - 1.4 K4. MAP SKETCH

dispatch.gif - 1.1 KYou have just passed through an enemy encampment
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KTake 5 minutes to sketch out camp
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KInclude buildings, fence, distance to road, and anything else you can remember.
bpm.gif - 1.4 K5. OBSERVATION POST

dispatch.gif - 1.1 KYou have a clandestine meeting with an advance scout
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KHe will show you information pertinent to your mission
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KAfter taking a brief look
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KCopy down what you have seen
bpm.gif - 1.4 K 6. FIRST AID

dispatch.gif - 1.1 KUnfortunately one of your patrol members has been wounded by an enemy sniper
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KYour victim has a bullet wound in the left forearm and left calf.
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KThere is no time to disrobe him
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KBandage both wounds over his clothes
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KUse a splint to immobilize the leg
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KUse a cravat bandage to sling his arm.
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KTo transport your victim make a stretcher out of staves and a blanket.
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KBefore transport place an egg under victims head.
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KUse 4 people to transport victim and use extreme caution
bpm.gif - 1.4 K7. ABANDONED FORT

dispatch.gif - 1.1 KProceed down the trail and you will come to an abandoned fort on your left hand side
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KYou must determine the height and width of the fort.
bpm.gif - 1.4 K8. ENEMY SPIES

dispatch.gif - 1.1 KAs you journey back to base camp you may come upon enemy spies
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KWatch for their light beams
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KNotice the beams make a pattern. Figure the pattern out so you can pass all your patrol members by them without being caught in the light.
bpm.gif - 1.4 K9. FIRE BUILDING

dispatch.gif - 1.1 KMake a fire and burn the string.

dispatch.gif - 1.1 KUsing your compass follow the course that is given you.
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KFind your orders at the end of the course.

dispatch.gif - 1.1 KMark a north arrow on driveway
dispatch.gif - 1.1 KUse the stars or dead reckoning only

splbadge.gif - 2.7 K


(Given to Scouts by the Senior Patrol Leader at a Troop Meeting a couple of weeks in advance of the event)

plbadge2.gif - 1.2 KPATROL BREAKDOWN

As patrol leader you must assign a scout to each of the following positions.

Choose carefully each position has its own responsibility.

Take extra care in choosing TAIL END CHARLEY no one must get behind him during the night exercise.

plbadge2.gif - 1.2 K1.NAVIGATOR

He will be lead man for your patrol

He will need to be expert at map and compass

plbadge2.gif - 1.2 K2.NAVIGATORS ASSISTANT

He is to work with navigator

plbadge2.gif - 1.2 K3.MEDIC

Someone who has his first aid merit badge would be a good pick.

plbadge2.gif - 1.2 K4.PIONEERING EXPERT

An expert at knots

plbadge2.gif - 1.2 K5.PATROL LEADER

Patrol discipline is mandatory

You will be hiking at night in the woods

The score of your patrol depends on how you handle the patrol

plbadge2.gif - 1.2 K6.TAIL END CHARLIE

Next to the patrol leader he is most important

No one can get behind Tail End Charley

plbadge2.gif - 1.2 KRULES

Every member will be assigned a position or an assistant for a position

One member can hold more than one position and be assistant as needed

Navigator must have an assistant.

Put your people where you think they will best serve the good of the patrol.

Work together as a team.

As patrol leader you can make decisions based on the recommendations given you by the experts you have chosen.

plbadge2.gif - 1.2 KPATROL EQUIPMENT


2-4ft Staves

4-2ft staves



1-set instructions




20-sheets paper

1-patrol flag on mast

1-scout book

2-20ft length of rope

1-4ft length of rope per scout

1-first aid kit..


plbadge2.gif - 1.2 KPERSONAL INSPECTION






plbadge2.gif - 1.2 KTIMETABLE

9:00 briefing

9:15 square knot tie to see who goes first

9:20 1st patrol inspection

9:25 start on journey

9:40 2nd patrol to start. 15 minute interval


(Issued to each Patrol Leader at the briefing just prior to the event)

Your mission is to recon the area and bring back a report.

There are advance scouts ahead of you they will act as pathfinders

You will have to overcome various obstacles to complete your mission.

The advance scout will have your orders at these obstacles

The patrol leader is to report the condition of the patrol, seconded by tail end Charlie to the advance scout.

The patrol leader will receive his orders from the advance scout and relay them to his patrol


Gentleman you are about to embark on a dangerous and important mission.

Using your scout skills you must

1. Penetrate and reconnoiter the enemy's position

2. Bring this information back to H.Q.

Along the way you will encounter minefields, spies, snipers, and inhospitable terrain.

Your only defense is your ability to move quickly and quietly through the forest.

PATROL DISCIPLINE must be maintained at all times

Every scout has a responsibility within the patrol.

If you should encounter and obstacle their will be an advance scout with orders on how to accomplish your mission

The patrol leader is to report the condition of his patrol, seconded by tail end Charlie

At this time the patrol leader will receive your field orders from the advance scout

The patrol leader is responsible for briefing the patrol

PATROL DISCIPLINE MUST BE MAINTAINED AT ALL TIMES. NO ONE, I REPEAT, NO ONE IS TO GET BEHIND TAIL END CHARLEY. He is to come into obstacle area last. Gentlemen you are being graded on your performance points will be deducted for Tail End Charlie coming in anything but last.

Each patrol member has been assigned a specific responsibility based on their individual skills, use them wisely


You will begin now patrol leaders assemble Your patrols line abreast we will see who goes out first

Each patrol member has a length of rope tie a square knot with it hold it up first patrol done wins


When it is decided which patrol goes first, the first patrol will gather their gear and present themselves for inspection. They will then receive their orders, maps, and trail guide before departing. The second patrol will follow 15 minutes later.

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