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Baloo's Bugle

July 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 12
August 2006 Theme

Theme: Scouting It Out
Webelos: Naturalist & Forester
Tiger Cub


Climbing A Mountain Peak
San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach  Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

Perfect ceremony for the outdoors!!

CUBMASTER:  Cub scouting is an uphill trail, Bobcat to Arrow of Light.  It is as if we were climbing a mountain peak.  Before we begin out\r climb, we must first prepare ourselves for the task ahead. 

Tonight we have several boys who, along with their parents, have decided to begin their ascent.  These boys have learned the basic skills, which will provide a strong foundation for their Cub Scouting ventures.  Will the following boys and their parents please come forward. (call names) With this foundation, I award to the parents and their Cubs their Bobcat award.

Lead congratulatory cheer.

Several of our boys have worked hard and make it to our first camp…Through their work they have earned the Wolf award.  The achievements they learned will proved the direction to the next base.  Will the following boys and their parents please come forward. (call names).

With the help of their parents, these boys have earned their Wolf award.  I congratulate these boys and their parents and present them their Wolf award.

Lead congratulatory cheer.

Although the trail seems long, several of our boys have arrived at this midway camp.  For having made their achievements, these boys will receive their bear award.  They have come along way with their parents and have learned many skills, which will assist them in their next venture.  Will the following boys and their parents please come forward. (call names).

Tonight these boys have earned their Bear award and will soon enter the trail to the peak.  I present this award to the parents and their Cubs.  Lead congratulatory cheer.

We have but one more camp to pass through before our final climb to the top,  this is the Webelos camp.  These boys have earned several achievements that will strengthen them for their ascent.  Will the following boys, their parents and their Webelos Leader come forward. (call names)

WEBELOS LEADER:  These boys have conditioned themselves in the manner of Cub Scouts and have earned their Webelos badge, (and/or list activity badges earned).  It is from this camp that the final camp to the top is made.  Congratulations!

CUBMASTER Lead congratulatory cheer.

Animal Advancement
Baltimore Area Council

Have you ever wondered why most of the ranks in Cub Scouting are named tier animals? Think about the animals Bobcat, Wolf and Bear for a moment. What images come to mind?

The Bobcat is a little smaller than most of his cousins in the wild cat family, but his features, especially his ever-alert ears, make him very distinctive and his movements are sleek and swift. We have several Bobcat Cubs here tonight who swiftly tracked the seven steps of what it takes to be a Cub Scout. Would the following boys and their parents please come forward? (Call the names of the boys who are to be awarded the Bobcat rank)

The Wolf is a very intelligent animal and is known for his loyalty to the pack. He is quick to defend his territory much like a Cub Scout who is quick to stand up for what he believes is right. Would the following boys and their parents please come forward to accept the rank of wolf? (Call the names of the Cubs advancing to Wolf.)

The Bear is one of the largest animals on our continent and for that reason is often feared, his strength is legendary and his senses are keen, but if you watch him closely you will probably see he has a sense of humor and likes to play. He also knows how to plan ahead as we see in his preparations for winter. We have some Cubs here tonight who have proven their strength and sharpened their senses and are now ready to be awarded the Rank of Bear. Would the following boys and their parents please come forward? (Call the names of the boys who are to be awarded the Rank of Bear.)

The Webelos rank may not be named after an animal, but it does stand for something special. Who can tell me what Webelos means? pause for response.) Right! We’ll be loyal Scouts. Part of being a Scout is being a friend to animals--a protector of their homes and their right to survive. Webelos are apprentice outdoorsmen, foresters and naturalists and they are learning what it means to be a Boy Scout. Would the following boys and their parents please come forward to be awarded the Rank of Webelos? (Cal, the names of the new Webelos.)

Boys who have attained the rank of Arrow of Light have made a commitment to live their lives by the Scout Oath. This commitment makes them the living of the Forest, the Ruler of the Roost, the Leader of the Pack. Would the following candidates and their parents please come forward for the presentation of the Arrow of Light awards. (Call the names of the boys who are to be presented their Arrows of Light.)

Advancement Ceremony
Baltimore Area Council

Bobcats are like the raindrops of our Cub Scout nature. They are fresh and new and bring with them a clean excitement. Their enthusiasm helps keep us alive. Congratulations, ________ on earning your Bobcat rank. You are as welcome as rain. (Have 6 inch cutout of raindrop, with this written on it. Laminate and give to the new Bobcat with his award)

________ has earned his Wolf rank and we see he continues to grow. Just like a tree he has matured and branched out to reach new heights. Stronger than he once was, he can more easily withstand the winds of danger. His roots are becoming more firmly embedded in the healthy soil of Cub Scouts. (Have 6 inch picture of tree, with above message on it. Laminate and give to the new Wolf with his award)

The Bear is the rock of Cub Scouting. ________ has earned his Bear rank. He is now solid and immovable in his commitment to the promises he makes in Cub Scouting. Just as a rock, a Bear is unchanging through bad weather, as well as good. (Have 6 inch picture of a rock cut out with above message on it, laminate and give to the new Bear with his award.)

The brightness of the Webelos is like that of the sun. His knowledge of scouting ideals is warm and welcome. By earning his Webelos rank, ________ has continued to shine day after day and helped others to grow. Congratulations and “Shine on!” (Cut out 6-inch picture of sun with message on back laminate and give to the new Webelos scout with his award)

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