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Baloo's Bugle

August 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 1
September 2006 Theme

Theme: Zoo Adventures
Webelos: Citizen & Communicator
Tiger Cub


Alapaha Council

Kangaroo Hop Relay

Boys assume a semi-squat position. Keeping their feet together, they spring forward to cover a set distance. The first team done wins the relay.

Bird, Beast, or Fish

Players all sit in a circle except one, who is “It.” He points or throws a knotted handkerchief to some player and calls out “beast” or “bird” or “fish” and quickly counts to 10. If the player has not named whatever was called in that time, he becomes “It.” No one may use the name of any bird, beast, or fish that another has already named until  “It” changes.

Gorilla Relay

Boys spread their feet shoulder width, bend down, and grab their ankles. They walk forward, keeping their knees extended and legs straight.

Upset the Animal Jungle

Each player chooses a jungle animal name while sitting in a circle of chairs. IT stands in the middle and calls two animals to change places. All three people try to reach the

empty chairs. The person left standing becomes IT. If at any time, IT calls “Upset the animal jungle!” everyone jumps up and finds another chair. The person remaining standing is IT.

Great Salt Lake Council

Equipment: Sock or real banana

To Play: Players sit on the floor in a circle, with one player in center of the circle. It is important for the players to sit close together with their knees up and their hands tucked under their legs. The banana is passed secretly under the legs of the players in the circle. The person in the middle has to figure out where the banana is. The player caught with the banana trades places with the player in the middle.

Great Salt Lake Council

Equipment: A homemade tail (a yellow piece of fabric or rope with a knot in one end)

To Play: The players sit in a circle on the floor. One player, the lion, tucks the tail into his waistband. The lion begins circling the group, touching each child on the head and saying “Lion.” When he decides he wants some action, he touches a player on the head and shouts “HYENA!” The lion then must dash around the circle and take the hyena’s spot before the hyena can grab the lion’s tail. If the lion’s tail is snatched, he remains the lion. If he sits where the hyena was without losing his tail, the hyena becomes the new lion.

Great Salt Lake Council

To Play: Crocodiles move quickly on their bellies, moving all four legs and wriggling side to side. Players lie on the floor on there bellies about 5 feet apart. At a signal, the players wiggle across the floor (keeping their tummies touching) like a croc in a hurry and try to tag all of the other players before they themselves are tagged.

Sam Huston Area Council

Quickly say out loud the color of the word below, and not the word itself. Time them.

(Note: this only works if you print or view these in color)

Yellow    Blue    Orange    Red

Black      Red     Green   Purple

Purple    Yellow    Red      Blue

Orange   Green    Black    White

Wacky Relays
Sam Huston Area Council

Draw a starting line and a line at the opposite side of the play area or room. Split into two teams.

1. Run to the other end, eat one cracker, and then whistle "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

2. Go down and back tapping a balloon and keeping it in the air.

3. Walk down and back with a potato between your knees. If it falls, pick it up and put it back between your knees.

4. Trot backwards, flapping your arms.

5. Put plastic sandwich bags on hands. Run to other end, pick up a stick of chewing gum, unwrap it and chew it, all while your "gloves" are on. Pass sandwich bags to next in line.

6. Using a broom, sweep a paper towel tube down and back.

7. Place an empty paper cup over a straw and place the straw in your mouth. Go down and back keeping the cup on the straw and the straw in your mouth. "Pass" the cup to the next player - no fair using hands!

8. Clasp your ankles with your hands and keeping them there, go down and back.

9. Fill a pop bottle with popcorn (kernels), carrying one spoonful of kernels down to a soft drink bottle each time.

10. Run down to the other end, and toss a ring at a "grid" of bottles filled with sand or colored water.

11. Toss beanbags (old socks filled with beans and tied off) at a tic-tac-toe grid.

12. Add "regular" events: speed races, distance races, human wheelbarrow, 3 legged race.

Kangaroo Toss
San Gabriel Valley Council

Hold a ball firmly between ankles or feet. With sudden jump, kick feet backwards and up so ball is tossed in air and curves over your head. Catch it as it comes down.

Make this into a relay with each boy in line having to do the skill then passing the ball to the next boy. First team to finish the task wins.

Elbow Toss And Catch
San Gabriel Valley Council

Hold right (if right-handed) out in front, shoulder height and bent at the elbow palm up. A coin or beanbag is placed on elbow. With a quick motion, drop arm and try to catch coin or beanbag as it falls, in the same hand.

Zoo Animal Toss
San Gabriel Valley Council

Using stuffed zoo animals have each boy take a turn at throwing them through a hula hoop from behind a predetermined line. Break your group into two teams each successful toss gets a point, add up the points to determine the winners. You can give small animals are easier to get through the hoop 1 point and medium to large animal 2 and 3 points or vary the throw line. The further way the more points. Just to make it more challenging for older boys.

Centipede Race
San Gabriel Valley Council

It is bests to run this race outdoors on soft ground. If you try I on a hard floor, it will be hard on hands and knees. Divide the group into teams of two players each. The players on each team get down on their hands and knees, one behind the other. The one in back grasps both ankles of his partner in front t of him, so that each pair forms something resembling a centipede. On a signal, the centipedes move away fro the starting line, and creep towards the finish line.

ZOO ANIMAL Alphabet Game

Divide den into two teams. Give each team a pencil and paper and ask them to list Zoo Animals for each letter. (Example: Anteater, Bear, Crocodile, etc.). Set a time limit. The team with the longest list wins.

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