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Baloo's Bugle

August 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 1
September 2006 Theme

Theme: Zoo Adventures
Webelos: Citizen & Communicator
Tiger Cub


Goin' On a Lion Hunt
Longhorn Council

[Audience echoes each line and sets up clap/lap-slapping rhythm.]

Goin' on a lion hunt. (Other obstacles)

Goin to catch a big one.

Sticks. [Snap fingers.]

I'm not afraid.

Tree. [Make gestures climbing up and down.]

Look, what's up ahead?

Gate. [Make gate-opening gestures.]

Mud! [Make sloshing sounds and move hands as if slogging.]

River. [make swimming gestures.]

Can't go over Cave. [Go in it and find lion. Reverse all motions

Can't go under it. quickly to get home.]

Can't go around it.

Gotta go through it.


The Mighty Hunter
Baltimore Area Council

MIGHTY HUNTER – Ready, aim (get ready to shoot) LION – Loud roar

TARZAN – A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ahhhh! (Tarzan yell)

JEEP – Beep, beep!

CHEETAH – Chee, chee, chee (with monkey movements)

Last August, a MIGHTY HUNTER decided to go on a LION hunt in the deep, dark jungles of India. The MIGHTY HUNTER boarded the plane en route to India, day dreaming about this exciting LION hunt. A long flight brought the MIGHTY HUNTER to the deep, dark jungles of India. And who should meet the plane but the famous TARZAN and his chimp friend, CHEETAH. The MIGHTY HUNTER was delighted to meet the much talked about TARZAN. CHEETAH proved so much fun to play with that the MIGHTY HUNTER almost forgot about the LION hunt.

The next morning, TARZAN woke the MIGHTY HUNTER, telling him that CHEETAH had prepared a breakfast feast. They ate plates and plates of anaconda eggs, wild boar bacon, gazelle milk and fresh jungle fruit, picked right from the trees around them. CHEETAH was a very good cook. After the fantastic breakfast, the MIGHTY HUNTER prepared himself for the LION hunt. He made sure all the provisions were in the JEEP, and checked his gun to make sure he had enough ammunition. With his jungle hat on his head, and his gun in hand, the MIGHTY HUNTER, along with TARZAN and CHEETAH, set out on the JEEP for the much anticipated LION hunt.

It was almost noon when CHEETAH started making strange noises and started jumping up and down wildly. TARZAN told the MIGHTY HUNTER that CHEETAH could smell a LION. The MIGHTY HUNTER took a deep breath and could feel his heart beat faster and faster. TARZAN jumped out of the JEEP, with CHEETAH close behind. The MIGHTY HUNTER followed closely, and, watching carefully, he saw TARZAN point to a group of trees about 60 feet away. Almost hypnotized, the MIGHTY HUNTER, TARZAN and CHEETAH watched as a tiny LION cub stepped out from behind the trees and inched his way closer to the group.

TARZAN carefully walked to the tiny cub and picked him up. TARZAN looked everywhere for the LION’s mother, but she was nowhere to be found. Perhaps she had heard the JEEP coming and hid the cub, then ran away. The MIGHTY HUNTER realized they had saved the life of the LION cub.

TARZAN was not surprised when the MIGHTY HUNTER announced that his hunting trip was over. Instead of the MIGHT HUNTER taking home a LION head trophy, he took home a real live LION cub for the zoo. That way, many people could enjoy watching the LION cub grow up. But what a surprise awaited the MIGHTY HUNTER. As he walked up the boarding ramp to this plane, CHEETAH ran after him, jumped into his arms, and planted a big, wet kiss right on the cheek of the MIGHTY HUNTER.

Mowgli Goes To Pack Meeting
Baltimore Area Council

Have the audience give the correct response or sound to the following words as they are read in the story.

Mowgli: Laugh               Baloo: Growl

Wolf Cubs: Howl              Pack: Say ‘Do Your Best’

Jungle: Scratch under arm pit make a sound like a monkey.

Once upon a time there was a young man cub named MOWGLI. He lived in the JUNGLE with his animal friends, the WOLF CUBS. One day when the WOLF CUBS, and MOWGLI were old enough, father wolf took them to the Council of the Pack.

Their Cubmaster Akela was a strong and cunning wolf. Akela the Cubmaster called the PACK together. BALOO the den leader told Akela the Cubmaster that MOWGLI and his young WOLF CUBS had been very busy since their last PACK meeting, and they were now ready to receive their awards for learning the Law of the PACK.

MOWGLI and the young WOLF CUBS liked their monthly meetings with the PACK. Because Cub Scouting helped MOWGLI and the young WOLF CUBS fulfill their desire for adventure, and allowed them to use their vivid imaginations while taking part in skits, games, field trips, service projects, outdoor activities, and many more fun filled activities, that was provided by the PACK.

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