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Baloo's Bugle

August 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 1
September 2006 Theme

Theme: Zoo Adventures
Webelos: Citizen & Communicator
Tiger Cub


Your Wild Animal
Alapaha Council

Cubmaster: Cub Scouts, did you know that everybody, including you, has a wild animal behind bars? The wild animal is your tongue, and the bars are your teeth. If your tongue is not trained, it can cause a lot of trouble, not only for yourself but for those around you. Your wild animal can make trouble by bad-mouthing other people, by gossip and slander, and by wisecracks at the wrong time. Keep those bars of teeth closed until your tongue is so well trained that you know it won’t harm anybody. Train your tongue so that it knows the right time to speak and the right time to keep quiet. Until you have it fully trained, keep that wild animal behind those bars.


Cubmaster’s Minute
Sam Huston Area Council

“Baloo, I have just one question to ask. (Sing face-to-face, jumping up and down) ‘Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man? Do you know the muffin

man that lives on Drury Lane?” You two will then lock right arms and swing in circles singing “Yes I know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man. (switch arms)

Yes I know the muffin man that lives on Drury Lane.” Now both of you go and do the same to two others (Scouts, preferably), then do four, then eight, then … until everyone in the room is singing and swinging around in circles.

Raise the Cub Scout Sign. When they are listening, say “This is a good example of how each of you can start something good. The ripple effects of your friendliness, courtesy and kindness can make a positive difference for everyone around you.”

Cubmaster’s Minute
San Gabriel Valley Council

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way animals are treated" Mahatma Gandhi

"Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms" George Eliot

“A dog wags tail with its heart" Martin Buxbaum

“It's funny how dogs and cats know the inside of folks better than other folks do, isn't it?” Eleanor H. Porter


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