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Baloo's Bugle

October 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 3
November 2005 Theme

Theme: My Family Tree
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub


Santa Clara County Council

Fan Applause:       Pretend to open up fan and fan your face with it and say, “Fannnn-tastic!”

Holland Windmill:        Hold both arms out straight at shoulder level.  Standing on one foot (or both feet), spin around while rotating arms in a circle.  Make a loud whoosh noise like wind.

Family Cheer:      All sing while swaying back and forth: “We are family. We are family”

Oh Brother Cheer:Divide group in two.  One side says, “Oh, brother” then the other side replies “Oh, sister!”  Go back and forth several times getting louder each time.


Timucua District, North Florida Council

My uncle can shoot faster than any other man in the west.  He can even shoot without removing his gun from the holster.

What do they call your uncle?

Toeless Joe.

Mom just bawled me out for eating with my fingers.

Well, you should have known better.  It isn’t very clean.

If the food isn’t clean enough to pick up with your fingers, it isn't fit to eat.

Santa Clara County Council

Scout, holding a can of Crisco shortening, runs up to the front of the meeting and shouts, “I have it, I have it!  My leader told me we were studying ancient Greece this month.  This is the oldest grease I could find!”

Teacher:    Please tell us what your Father does

Johnny:      My father’s dead.

Teacher:    Oh, I’m sorry, Johnny.  In that case, what did he do before he died?

Johnny:      He went blue and collapsed.

Baltimore Area Council

How do you keep a turkey in suspense? 
I don’t know, how’? 
I’11 tell you tomorrow!

What are you doing? 
Writing a letter to my little brother.
Why are you writing so slowly? 
Because my little brother can’t read very fast.


Santa Clara County Council

Why does a room full of married people looks so empty?

There’s not a single person in it.

Baltimore Area Council

What has nothing left but a nose when it loses an eye?

How do you make gold soup? 
                                                   Put in 14 carrots.

Why does a. cook always wear a high white hat? 
                                                 To cover his head.

What is the tallest building in my town? 
                            The Library, it has lots of stories.

What can a person wear that is never out of style? 
            A smile.

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