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Baloo's Bugle

October 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 3
November 2005 Theme

Theme: My Family Tree
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub


How Did You Get Here

Santa Clara County Council

Narrator introduces the skit by saying, “Transportation played a very important part in the settling of America.  How did you get here?”

Any number of Cubs can participate by dividing the lines accordingly.

Cub #___:If the Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower, how did the Scouts get here?

Cub #___:I don’t know.  How?

Cub #___:On Handy Crafts.  (As he says this, a Cub comes on stage with a sample of a handicraft project and sign identifying it.)

Cub #___:If the Pilgrims came on the Mayflower and Scouts came on Handy Crafts, how did the doctors get here?

Cub #___:On Blood Vessels.  (Cub dressed as a doctor enters.)

Cub #___:How did the students get here?

Cub #___:On Scholar Ships.  (Cub enters, carrying a load of books.)

Cub #___:How did all of the ordinary people get here?

Cub #___:On Citizen Ships.  (Cub enters, carrying a “Don’t Forget to Vote” sign,)

Cub #___:I know how the barbers got here.

Cub #___:How?

Cub #___:On Clipper Ships.  (Cub enters, dressed as a barber, with towel and razor.)

Cub #___:How did all the movie stars get here?

Cub #___:On a Show Boat.  (Cub enters, well dressed, wearing sunglasses.)

Cub #___:I’ll bet you can guess how all the hot heads got here.  (Cub runs on stage, shaking his fist and pretending to quarrel with everyone.)

All:             On Steam Ships, of course!  (They bow as the curtain closes.)

The True Hardship of Our Ancestors

Baltimore Area Council

Have boys holding pictures pertaining to their lines (with lines written on back).

  • O Ancestors!  O Ancestors! 
    Your courage we admire…
    Not for the reasons history gives
    Do you our awe inspire!
  • It’s hard for us to understand
    And know what it was like
    You didn’t have the things we have…
    A car, a plane, a bike!
  • We heard you crossed the mountains,
    Through forests thin and thick
    In only covered wagons…
    Now, that was a trick!
  • We heard how then you had no roads,
    No highways lined with pines;
    One questions we must ask you…
    What’d you do with ail the signs?
  • An then we read about your meals
    Of wild bear… there’s a stopper!
    The one thing we say is this…
    Your wife was quite a shopper!
  • Yes, we read of all your hardships
    But you beat us on one thing…
    You had the true original,
    Indoor-outdoor carpeting!
  • It’s true you had no phones, no gas,
    No lights, no cars about…
    But there’s one thing you didn’t have
    That we couldn’t do without!
  • But one thing does amaze us,
    When we read about your deeds;
    You made it through your travels,
    minus something each man needs!
  • O Ancestors! O Ancestors!
    We salute you, long and hard!
    You went across this whole wide land…
    Without a credit card!

Discover Our Heritage

Baltimore Area Council

Cub #1:            Where are you from?

Cub #2:            From just a little ways down the street.

Cub #1:            No. I mean where did your family come from?

Cub #2:            1 think they all came from California.

Cub #1 :           Mine came from California, too.

Cub #2:            Do you know anything about your family from California?

Cub #1:            No. Do you know anything abut your California family’?

Cub #2:            No. Why don’t we go to California and find out what they were like’?

(The two Cub Scouts walk 10 steps, hopefully to the west side of the room.  They stop and look down.)

Cub #1:            It is a lot easier to get to California since it sunk into the Ocean.

The Perfect Weekend

Baltimore Area Council

There is a small speaking part for either a mother or father, and four other action parts. A small suitcase is the most important prop. Pack first those items used last.

Parent:    There! I’m all packed. (Sets suitcase on table, opens it, and begins checking contents.) Everything’s in order for my weekend trip! I’ll just check to see if Grandma’s here yet. (Exits right.)

Scout 1:  (Enters from left and peeks into suitcase. Removes a map from top of bag. Makes fan and/or airplane out of it. Exits right, fanning self or flying airplane.)

Scout 2:  (Enters from right, bouncing a ball. Looks into suitcase. Picks up magazine. Rolls it up and holds in place with rubber band. Exits left and plays ball with magazine “Bat”.)

Scout 3:  (Carrying several dolls wrapped in blanket, dressed like toddler and sucking thumb, enters from left. Looks into suitcase then exits right.)

Scout 4:  (Enters from right and removes sunglasses from suitcase. Puts them on and dramatically exits left.)

Scout 5:  (Enters from left on skates or skateboard. Removes suntan lotion and skates out right.)

Scout 6:  (Enters from right, removes first aid kit and fixes teddy bear. Exits left.)

Scout 7:  (Enters left, removes books from suitcase and exits right balancing books on head.)

Scout 3:  (With dolls reenters, looks into case, and exits.)

3 Scouts:(Enter from left, removes vitamins, comb and shampoo bottle. They form rhythm band shaking bottle, adding tissue to comb for humming, and removing cap from shampoo and blowing over top. Exit right.)

Scout 8:  (Enters from right. Removes several pairs of socks or pantyhose, rolls them up and juggles with them as exits left.)

Scout 9:  (Enters from right removes shaving cream or cold cream from suitcase, applies it to face. Then removes tee-shirt or slip and wipes goo off. Exit left.)

2 Scouts:(Enter from left and remove blow dryer and curling iron. Begin playing space gun game.)

Scout 10:         (Enters from left and removes clothing from case, begins putting on clothing as exits right.)

Scout 3:  (With dolls enters again. Seeing the suitcase empty, puts all dolls inside and covers with blanket, putting babies to bed. Exits right.)

Parent:    (Entering from right, stands in front of suitcase, facing audience, not looking inside suitcase.) Everything is all set! This is going to be a perfect weekend! It certainly pays to Be Prepared. (Closes suitcase without ever looking in it, and exits carrying suitcase.)

Dad's Tools

Timucua District, North Florida Council

Characters: Narrator, Dad, Mom, Cub Scout

Narrator: As our plan begins, Dad is looking for his hammer...

Dad:     Has anyone seen my hammer?

Mom:    No dear, did you look in your toolbox?

Dad:     It's not there. No one ever puts anything back where it belongs around here.

Cub:     Look, Dad. I found it. It's over here behind the door where you used it to fix the loose door hinges.

Dad:     Now, where is my saw?

Mom:    It should be on your workbench.

Dad:     Well, it's not there. No one ever puts my tools away.

Cub:     Dad, don't you remember? You left it out by the garage when you were sawing those boards to build my clubhouse.

Dad:     Good grief! Now where is my file?

Cub:     Oh, that's out in the yard where you used it to sharpen the lawn mower blade.

Dad:     I can't find my screwdriver now, and I just had it! Did you use it, son?

Cub:     Yes, Dad. And here it is in the toolbox - right where I put it when I finished with it.

Dad:     Oh! I never thought of looking for it there!

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