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January Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 6
February Theme

Uncle Sam Depends On You
Webelos Scholar & Engineer
  Tiger Cub Achievement 6



York Adams Area Council

Staging: Flag in stand on table, under which "voice" is concealed. Or have flag posted near screen concealing "voice." Cub Scout in uniform walks by flag and stops when flag starts to "speak."

Flag: Hey Cub Scout!

Cub: Who's that?

Flag: Me, your flag.

Cub: What do you want with me?

Flag: I want to know something. You hear of people in other lands burning me, but recently you've heard of people in the United States showing disloyalty and disrespect to me. What's wrong?

Cub: That's a hard question for me to answer. I think people do this because they don't know how hard it was to get you. We even fought wars, not only to get you, but to spread your ideas to other countries. Much of today's younger generation doesn't know how hard it was to do that!

Flag: What would you suggest?

Cub: I'd say to start with, we need to increase our Americanism-building organizations such as the Scouts and give them more support… and to start programs that will increase patriotism. People need to be encouraged to fly the flag on national holidays and to have inspiring flag ceremonies at meetings.

Flag: You have some good ideas, son.

Cub: The Scout program has taught me to respect the flag and to love my country.

Flag: Scouting! Yes, there is hope after all. You've given me a real lift.  Thank you, Scout!

Cub: (Salutes) Any time. (Walks offstage)


York Adams Area Council

Personnel: 7 Cub Scouts and a narrator

Equipment: A large cardboard cutout of the Liberty Bell

Setting: The Liberty Bell is set center stage with the boys in a semi-circle around it.

Narrator: Speak out, oh bell called Liberty,
The times you rang in freedom's name,
So all of us may know
Beginnings long ago.
When I was young, I rang a lot!

Cub 1: I clanged alarms when England tried to force her taxes on us.
I thundered of tyranny on us.

Cub 2: I roared with rage when Parliament forbade our people making Iron and steel, my lungs were breaking.

Cub 3: I grieved for Boston when it's port was closed to trade and shipping
My faith was far from slipping.

Cub 4: With all my strength and all my heart I called for folks' attendance
To hear the declaring of Independence.

Cub 5: And then I fell on silent days, when I was put into hiding
With British law presiding.

Cub 6: But I was back to shout about Cornwallis's surrender
I rang for freedom's splendor.
Cub 7: For years I rang for this and that
The Constitution signed at last, And then I cracked…

Narrator: Your silent tongue could never speak again,
And yet your voice is loud and clear in all the minds of men!
"Proclaim liberty throughout all the land and unto all inhabitants thereof."

Constitution Skit
York Adams Area Council

Scene: Philadelphia, 1787

Characters: Narrator, 4 Cub Scouts in colonial dress, and some extra Scouts.

Narrator: "While it's true that our constitution was written by truly great men, it still took 11 years to finish. Lets look in on some of these men as they go about their work. Here comes Ben Franklin and Samuel Adams."

Sam: "Let's have pizza tonight."

Ben: "I don't like pizza. How about tacos?"

Sam: "But I don't like tacos. Let's have hamburgers."

Ben: "We always have burgers."

(The two walk off stage still arguing.)

Narrator: (flustered) "Simply a difference of opinion, ladies and gentlemen. Don't worry, they'll work it out. Look there's Thomas Jefferson and John Adams."

John: "I tell you the Yankees are the best!"

Tom: "No way, it's gonna be the Braves this year."

Narrator: "Wait a minute you two, are you talking about baseball."

Tom And John: "Yes!"

Narrator: "Baseball hasn't been invented yet!"

John And Tom: "OH!" and then walk off arguing about football.

Narrator: "I don't know what's going on here. Wait, they're gathered together! Now what are they arguing about?"

(The four Scouts plus the extras are gathered around a table)

Tom: "At least we agree on something...The Constitution of the United States!"


All American Tribute
York Adams Area Council

Den Leader: America is my country. How glad I am that this is my land. Prairie and forest, Snow-capped peaks and mighty canyons. Cities of steel and farms with red barns. How glad I am that this is my land. My country is young, but it has a wonderful history.

Cub #1: It is Columbus, Plymouth Rock and Davy Crockett.

Cub #2: It is the Boston Tea Party and "Give me Liberty or Give me death"

Cub #3: And General MacArthur returning to the Philippines.

Cub #4: It is Washington and Lincoln and all the Presidents who carried the burden of leadership.

Cub #5: It is all the men and women who have died, so we may be free.

Cub #6: And all the men, women, and children who are working today to keep it free.

Cub #7: It is you and I and all its people who love America's goodness and work each day to make it better.

Den Leader: In all the world are many lands. But in my land is more hope and promise and strength and joy than anywhere else on earth. America is my country. How thankful I am that this is my land!




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