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January Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 6
February Theme

Uncle Sam Depends On You
Webelos Scholar & Engineer
  Tiger Cub Achievement 6



York Adams Area Council

Leader #1  Here's to the Red of it, There's not a thread of it, No, nor a shred of it, In all the spread of it
From foot to head.  But heroes bled for it, Faced steel and lead for it,  Precious blood shed for it, Bathing it red.

Leader #2 Here's to the white of it; Thrilled by the sight of it, Who knows the right of it, But feels the might of it
Through day and night  Womanhood's care for it; Make manhood dare for it; Purity's prayer for it, Keeps it so White.

Leader #3: Here's to the Blue of it; Beauteous view of it;
Heavenly hue of it, Star-spangled dew of it,
Constant and true.  Diadems gleam for it, States stand supreme for it, Liberty's beam for it, Brightens the Blue.

Leader #4: Here's to the whole of it, Stars stripes and pole of it.  Body and soul of it, And to the roll of it, sun shining through.  Hearts in accord for it, Swear by the sword for it,
Thanking the Lord for it, Red, White and Blue.

(Followed by the Pledge of Allegiancei)

York Adams Area Council

For: Narrator and a den of uniformed Cub Scouts.

Props: Cards with words printed on them for each Cub Scout, and an upright stand such as a ladder for each sign to be attached at the appropriate time.

Narrator: We think of Cub Scouting as a ladder of good citizenship. Let us show you what we mean.

Cub #1  Friendship. We make lots of friends in our school, church, neighborhood, den and pack.

Cub #2: Teamwork. We learn how important it is to work with others as a member of a team.

Cub #3: Dependability. We learn to be places when we promise and to do our part.

Cub #4: Leadership. We learn to lead games and help with other den and pack activities.

Cub #5: Honesty. We learn to tell the truth, to handle money, and to understand what honesty means.

Cub #6: Loyalty. We learn to be true to our friends, our parents, and our den and pack, and to honor our country and its flag.

Cub #7: Good Will. We like to help our school, church, neighbors and those less fortunate than we. Good will projects make us feel good.

Narrator: Good Citizenship. Through Cub Scouting experiences, boys learn things that help make them better citizens as they grow into manhood.

York Adams Area Council

Arrangement. Eight, Cub Scouts speak their lines and place the following cards on a large blue flannel board: “Truth, Faith, Loyalty, Sunlight, Good Cheer, Happiness, and a cutout golden sun”

Cub 1. Back in the good old days, school colors gave people a feeling of school pride and loyalty. Today, the blue and gold of Cub Scouting helps to build this spirit among Cub Scouts.

Cub 2. (points to blue flannel board): The blue reminds us of the sky above. It stands for truth, spirituality, and steadfast loyalty.

Cub 3. (places “truth” card in upper left corner of board): Truth means we must always be honest.

Cub 4. (places “Faith” card in upper right corner): Faith means a belief in God.

Cub 5. (places “Loyally” card across bottom):Loyalty means being faithful and loyal to God, country, and our fellow man.

Cub 6. The gold stands for the warm sunlight (He places the sun in center of board and the “sunlight” card across top of the sun).

Cub 7. Gold also stands for good cheer and happiness. We always feel better when the sun is shining and so will those to whom we give good will.  (He places “good cheer” and “happiness” cards on each side of sun cutout.

Cub 8. As we wear our Cub Scout uniforms, may the meaning of the blue and gold colors make us remember our Cub Scout ideals, the Cub Scout Promise, and the Law of the Pack.

York Adams Area Council

Setup/Materials: 1 small American flag, 1 white candle, 1 blue candle, 1 red candle, 4 boys

Cub 1: Practically from the beginning of time, man has used symbols to express hope, ideals, and love of his own nation. Our flag represents the ideals and science, commerce and agriculture. It symbolizes the sacrifices made by men and women for the future of America. It stands for your home and everything and everyone you hold dear. “I light the red candle which is the symbol of the red in our flag, and stands for hardiness and valor and symbolizes the lifeblood of brave men and women.

Cub 2: I light the white, which is the symbol of purity and innocence and symbolizes the white of our flag.

Cub 3: I light the blue candle which is the symbol of perseverance and justice, and symbolizes the eternal blue of the heavens.

Cub 4: The stars in our flag represent states. They indicate that the heights of achievement for our nation are limitless as the heavens above US.

All: Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance?

York Adams Area Council

Equipment: American Flag, and Pack Flags 12 cards with the statements below, typed on them.

People: Honor Guard, and 12 Cub Scouts to read the statements.

Procedure: The Honor Guard marches in, posts the flags, and then leads the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Then the 12 Cub Scouts read their statements in turn.

Cub 1. My country gives us the opportunities to advance according to our ambitions and abilities. Education is for all. I am an American

Cub 2: My country means love of freedom, faith in democracy, justice, and equality. I am an American

Cub 3: My country believes in the worth of every person. I am an American

Cub 4: My country gives us the privilege of expressing beliefs or opinions without fear of prosecution. I am an American

Cub 5: My country is a democracy, it is our duty to keep it that way. I am an American

Cub 6: My country promises life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am an American

Cub 7: My country is one that we should protect and defend. I am an American

Cub 8: My country is and will always remain the land of the free and the home of the brave. I am an American.

Cub 9: My country needs informed, intelligent and active citizens. I am an American.

Cub 10: My country tries to meet its people’s needs with abiding love and loyalty. I am an American.

Cub 11: My countries government is the servant not the master of the people. I am an American.

Cub 12: My country has a statue of liberty whose torch will bum brightly as long as we tend the flame of freedom. I am an American.

York Adams Area Council

Arrangements: Den Leader is on stage holding a picture of "Uncle Sam." Cubs are off stage and enter two at a time on each side of the picture. They say their lines and then stand there. Flag is posted in center of the stag behind the group

1ST Cub: Why didn't we call him Daddy Sam?

2ND Cub: In some countries he might have been called "Daddy Sam" or "Papa Sam," but not in America.

3RD Cub: Uncle Sam is an idea that symbolizes the United States.

4TH Cub: The people who wrote our Constitution decided the Federal Government should not be a Great Father.

5TH Cub: They limited Uncle Sam's role very strictly, to assure freedom and opportunity for individuals.

6TH Cub: Uncle Sam is even dressed in Red, White, and Blue, and decorated with stars and stripes.

7TH Cub: These are the living ideals which are the very heart of our flag and our nation.

8TH Cub: Uncle Sam is a symbol that should always remind us of the blessings of freedom our forefathers gave to us.

9TH Cub: Will the audience please rise and repeat the Pledge of Allegiance.

York Adams Area Council

Arrangement. Den chief and Cub Scouts, in uniform, carry small U.S. flags and line up on stage. Each speaks his part.

Den Chief. Two hundred years ago, God gave us a nation; a land of wealth and bounty, choice among His creations. We must protect its freedom and defend its worthy cause, and support our Constitution, which is based upon God's laws. We must pledge to be loyal throughout each coming year, and with God's help, we will know no doubt nor fear. When we keep our promise to do our best each day, God will bless our country and us in every way. Please stand and join us in singing, "God Bless America." (After audience is seated, Cub Scouts continue.)

Cub 1. We're glad you came to our banquet! We have many things to say about our love for America as we celebrate today.

Cub 2. Independence is a big word, and hard for me to say. But I know it means a lot to all Americans today.

Cub 3. Our national bird is the eagle. Have you ever wondered why? It may be because it soars above all birds to reach the sky.

Cub 4. The Liberty Bell is ringing, though its sound we do not hear. Freedom of speech and worship, freedom from want and fear.

Cub 5. Without our flag of red, white and blue, things would be different for me and you. It's a symbol of pride in the American way, so we should be loyal and true each day.

Cub 6. Please stand and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.

Honoring our Flag
York Adams Area Council

Personnel: 16 Cub Scouts, American Flag bearer, Leader

Equipment: American Flag, 7 red crepe paper streamers, 6 white crepe paper streamers, blue crepe paper rectangle, white cardboard five-pointed star.

(7 Cub Scouts, each carrying a red crepe paper streamer march in single file onto stage. In turn, each boy displays his streamer. It should reach from above his head to his feet.)

7 Cubs: (in unison) We are the seven red stripes in our flag. For hardiness and valor we stand.

(6 Cub Scouts, each carrying a white crepe paper streamer enters and duplicates the actions of the first group. They stand alternately with the boys holding red stripes.)

6 Cubs: (in unison) We are the six white stripes in our flag. For innocence and purity we stand.

(A Cub Scout enters, carrying the blue paper rectangle which he holds up as he stands to the right of the first boy holding the first white stripe.)

Cub Scout #14: Now look at me, the field of blue. For vigilance, perseverance and justice true.

(Next Cub enters carrying the large white star. He holds it against the blue field.)

Cub Scout #15: I am a five-pointed star shining bright. One for each state. When united, we have might.

Cub Scout #16: (Flag bearer enters carrying American flag. He stands near group which made crepe paper flag.)

Leader: Behold the emblem of our country...the greatest flag of the greatest nation in the world. May it ever wave over free and liberty loving people.  May it ever represent the highest ideals of America and ever support the principles of democracy in America and around the world.  Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

York Adams Area Council

Personnel: 8 Cubs, Leader

Equipment: Individual cards containing each of the eight letters.

Arrangement: Each Cub recites his line, he holds his card chest high.

Cub #1: C - is for country.

Cub #2: I - is for being involved.

Cub #3: T - is for treasuring the great traditions of our land.

Cub #4: I - is for ideals of freedom.

Cub #5: Z - is for the zeal we put into life.

Cub #6: E - is for example we set.

Cub #7: N - is for needs of our nation.

Cub #8: S - is for sharing of ourselves.

Leader: It takes more than letters and words to make good citizens. What do you think would happen if each and everyone of us would put just one of these thoughts into practice?



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