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November 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 4
December Theme

Winter Wonderland
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub Achievement



With Apologies To Charles Dickens
York Adams Area Council

Reader: This is a special time of year for people all around the world. It is a time of Joy and Light, of Hope and Peace, and of the comforts of Home, Family, and Tradition. It is a time of Spirit in all things, and although there are many different types of Spirit and Spirits among us, tonight we are going to be visited by four of them.

Spirit Of Christmas: "I am the Spirit of Christmas" (Lights Advent candles, using appropriate prayer(s) and a brief statement as to what the candles and the holiday represent.)

Spirit Of Chanukah: "I am the Spirit of Chanukah" (Lights the Chanukah candles using the appropriate prayer(s) and a brief statement as to what the candles and the holiday represent.)

Spirit Of Kwanzaa: "I am the Spirit of Kwanzaa" (Lights the Kwanzaa candles and gives a brief statement as to what the candles and the holiday represent.)

Spirit Of Scouting: "I am the Spirit of Scouting, and here I light the twelve candles which the twelve points of the Scout Law, and three candles which represent the three points of the Scout Oath. I will also light one additional candle of the purest white, which represents not only the Spirit of Scouting, but also all the other Spirits of Goodness which exist throughout this old world of ours no matter what they may be called. Now, I call upon my Fellow Spirits, and all of you here in this room, to join with me in reciting the Cub Scout Promise.

All: (Cub Scout Promise)

Reader: Thank you all. Please be seated.

All Spirits: "Happy Holidays!"


Many Ways
York Adams Area Council

Narrator:  It is the season that is full of so many wonders and so many thoughts.  Each of us understands, celebrates, and remembers this special season in his own way.  If it were only "my way" or only "your way" though, it would be so small, so limited.  One of the beauties of the season is that it is so full, so complete. 

And just as the season is made special by so many different ideas, cultures, and beliefs coming together, so is our country made special.  We are not a single type of people, a single religion, or a single race, but we do have a single focus—to be and become the greatest, most full and complete country we can imagine. 

As a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, we come together as one and that also makes us special.  Let's join together in the Pledge of Allegiance and renew our single-mindedness


Winter Wonderland
York Adams Area Council

Setup: Have the boys who are presenting the opening prepare cards that describe what “Winter Wonderland” means to them.  They will read these before the Pack, so you will want to review them to make sure they’re sensible and appropriate.

Leader: Tonight we gather to celebrate the theme, Winter Wonderland.  What does that mean, Winter Wonderland?  To each of us it means something different, but to all of us something special.  Let’s close our eyes and think about “Winter Wonderland” and let our thoughts paint pictures of what it means to us.  As we do this, let’s hear from the boys in Den ___ who have already given some thought to what this means.

(Boys read off “To me, Winter Wonderland means…”)

Leader:  So many different ideas all from the same two words.  It’s no different than when we say “United States.”  Again, two small words that mean many different things to many different people.  But there is one way in which all of us are united—let’s stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance—thoughts that bind us all together.


Candle Opening
National Capitol Area Council

Dim or turn off room lights except for an electric candle or flashlight.  The paragraph is read by the Cubmaster or other adult.

This is the season of lights and stars, when days are short and nights are long with beautiful stars.  Lord Baden Powell, the founder of Scouting, once said this to his scouts:  “I often think when the sun goes down, the world is hidden by a big blanket from the light of heaven. But the stars are little holds pierced in that blanket by those who have done good deeds in this world. The stars are not all the same size, some a big, some are little. So some men have done great deeds, and some men have done small deeds, but they have all made their hole in the blanket by doing good before they went to heaven.”

Let's remember when we look at the starry sky to make our own hole in the blanket, by doing good deeds and helping other people.


Holiday Opening
National Capitol Area Council

Props: Box wrapped with holiday paper and tied with a bow. In the box are a menorah, small Christmas tree, invitation, (Kwanzaa candelabra if appropriate), Instant Recognition patch and beads, small wrapped gift, small felt stocking, and card saying "Do Your Best."

Cubmaster: (Opens box and looks inside.) December is one of the most exciting months of the year, and certainly one of the busiest. This month we have: Christmas (Takes out tree); Hanukkah (Removes menorah); Kwanzaa (Removes candle holder); and Holiday parties (Takes out invitation). What a great time for all of us! Our pack has had lots of fun this month working on advancements (Takes patch and beads from box), but one of the best things was our special service project/Good Turn (Takes stocking from box)We've been busy, and all the time we have followed the Cub Scout Motto: (takes paper out of box and shows it while saying motto) "Do Your Best".  Now Den ___ will present the colors.


December Opening
National Capitol Area Council

Personnel: 5 Cub Scouts and Cubmaster
Equipment: 5 Index cards with script written on each, US Flag and Pack Flag.  Flags are already in the front and each Cub Scout enters from the side one at a time and reads his script.

1st Cub: December is a fun time of the year. It is a time for giving and sharing.

2nd Cub: As we gather for the last Pack meeting for 2002, let us remember the good times.

3rd Cub: Let us end this year with new determination to keep the Cub Scout Spirit going.

4th Cub: As we begin our program tonight, let us keep in mind the true Holiday Spirit.

5th Cub: Remember, to give of yourself is more important than any gift you can buy.

Cubmaster: Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Gift of Goodwill
National Capitol Area Council

Arrangement: A group of 8 Cub Scouts are gathered around Christmas gifts. Each boy is wrapping a gift, Den Chief enters.

Den Chief: Hey guys, let me see what each one of you is wrapping.

Cub 1: Gloves for my Dad.

Cub 2: An owl plaque for my Mom.

Cub 3: Oreo cookies for my little brother...maybe he will quit eating mine.

Cub 4: A doll for my sister.

Cub 5: Wind chimes for my Mom.

Cub 6: Ink pens for my big brother...maybe mine will quit disappearing.

Cub 7: A lamp for my Mom.

Cub 8: A lacy handkerchief for my grandma. She likes to wave them good-bye.

Den Chief: Hey you guys are really giving Goodwill (laughs).

All Cubs: We hope so. Aren't we supposed to do that year round?

Den Chief: Yes, but let me show you something that's quite unusual. (He takes a large piece of poster board and marking pen. He calls on each boy in order to name the gift he is wrapping, and he writes the first letter on the board...such as G for gloves. O for owl, etc. The result spells out Goodwill, which he holds up for the audience to see.)

Cub 1:  Hey, that's all right! We're giving Goodwill separately together!



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