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November 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 4
December Theme

Winter Wonderland
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub Achievement





Tree Decorating
York Adams Area Council

Players are seated in rows with an equal number in each row. They are numbered consecutively from front to back and each No. 1 is given a piece of chalk. On signal, No. 1 players run to a blackboard and draw the base for a Christmas tree. (can use poster board) They return to their seats and hand the chalk or crayon to the No. 2 player, who must draw the branches. No. 3, the candles. No. 4, certain number of ornaments. No. 5, add star to top of the tree. No. 6, write Merry Christmas under the tree. Team to complete their picture first wins.


Santa’s Bag
York Adams Area Council

(Touch and tell) Number 10 paper bags from 1 to 10. Put a familiar article in each bag (preferably an article related to Christmas). and staple bag shut. Each Cub Scout is given pencil and paper on which he lists numbers 1 through 10. He tries to guess what is in each bag by feeling through the paper, and records on his paper.  Cub Scout with greatest number of items guessed correctly wins.


Snowball Throw
York Adams Area Council

Use a large Styrofoam ball. The boys are seated on the floor. “It” sits in the center of the circle. The boys throw the snowball to each other while “it” tries to intercept. When he succeeds, the boy who threw the snowball becomes “it”.


Mailing Uncle Henry’s Package
York Adams Area Council

Begin by saying that Uncle Henry cannot come home for the holidays and his gift must be mailed. Have the Cubs form a circle and place their hands behind them. With eyes blindfolded, pass the articles needed to mail the package around the circle. Begin with the gift (gloves or tie) and then the box, wrapping paper, ribbon, mailing paper, string, sticky tape, mailing label and stamp. After all things have been passed around, put them away. The boys are unblindfolded and asked to write down all the things they remember that they felt. The one remembering the most is the winner.


Icicle Hunt
York Adams Area Council

Needed are pieces of string in different lengths. Hide the icicles (string) have the boys look for them. The winner is the player whose strings form the longest icicle when laid end to end, not the player who collects the most string.


Hanukkah Peanut Hunt
National Capitol Area Council

Buy package of peanuts. Write K on 4, H on 4, N on 4, U on 4 and A on 4. Hide all the peanuts, lettered and unlettered, hunt for 5 minutes.

10 points for greatest number

5 points for each lettered peanut

20 points for a Cub finding enough to write Hanukkah


Snowball Relay
National Capitol Area Council

Players divide into two teams and line up behind starting line.  Give each team a "snowball", either Styrofoam or cotton and a piece of cardboard. On signal, first player on each team tries to move ball across floor and back by fanning it with cardboard. Player may not touch snowball with hands or cardboard. First team to finish is winner.


Merry Christmas! A Pantomime Game
National Capitol Area Council

Players sit in a straight line.  "It" stands in front of one player.  This player asks "It", what would you like for Christmas?"  "Can you guess" answers "It".  He then makes some motion that will show what he wants for Christmas.  He may pretend to blow a horn, pat a kitten or puppy, or kick a football.  If the player guesses correctly, "It" says "Merry Christmas" and that player becomes "It".  If he guesses incorrectly, "It" stands in front of another player.
You can say "Happy Hanukkah", "Happy Birthday" or whatever happens to be appropriate when you play this game.



Snowshoe Relay
National Capitol Area Council

Divide den into two teams.  Give each team two show boxes, and set up a chair across the room for a turning point.  On signal, the first player on each team puts on his "snowshoes" and races around the chair and back to the starting line where the next player dons the boxes and races.  Continue until all have run.   Have an extra "shoe" on hand if any break


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