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Baloo's Bugle

September Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 2

Down on the Farm
Webelos Citizen & Showman
 Tiger Cub Big Ideas 1 & 2



Jolly Green Giant & The Scarecrow
Heart of America Council

Jolly Green Giant - “Ho-ho-ho”

Little Green Sprout - “Me

Scarecrow - “Booooo”

Corn - “Pop, pop, pop”

Come gather around me, all ye Cub Scouts.

As I tell you the story of the Little Green Sprout.  The wise and friendly Scarecrow knows all, you see, About how the Jolly Green Giant and his small friend came to be.

It seems these two friends in a big field of Corn

One bright sunny day, most surely were born.

For the old Scarecrow some talk overheard,

And has come here now to pass along the word.

In the field of Corn stood Farmer Brown and his son,

Hoeing out all those weeds till the day was done,

How those two worked as they did toil and sweat

To make their new crop the finest one yet.

The poor Scarecrow felt so guilty that day,

For all he must do was scare birds away.

He heard people say, “Isn’t that Scarecrow grand.

He’s made this Corn field the best in the land.”

This made him sad and down deep in his heart,

Scarecrow knew that this job was just a small part.

As he stood there watched, an idea came to his head,

The farmer and son were hoeing, the Scarecrow then said,

“I’ll call them the Jolly Green Giant and Little GREEN Sprout.

‘Til soon the whole world will surely find out,

That the fields of Corn and other crops too

Are grown by people like these faithful two.”

So he told the Jolly Green Giant and Little Green Sprout

How he knew what they did and sang praises with no doubt.

So the story of the Jolly Green Giant and Little Green Sprout

Was spread to people near and far and all round about.

So, don’t think, my friend, it’s just a bunch of Corn

‘Cause that’s the truth of how those two were born.

Whenever you hear that famed Jolly Green Giant

Now you’ve heard the secret from the old Scarecrow

Of how those green people help make things grow.

Remember that those folks you see hoeing away,

Are symbolized now by that green pair today.

Three cheers for the Jolly Green Giant, LItTLE GREEN Sprout, Scarecrow, and that field of Corn where it all came about.


Planting A Garden
Heart of America Council

Gardener (with thumbs pointed up) “With a green thumb”

Cucumber ”Cool man”

Onions (wipes tears from eyes) “Boo Hoo Boo Hoo” 

Tomato Whistle a wolf whistle

One day our Gardener went out to plant his garden.  The Gardener chose to plant his plot with many vegetables including Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Onions.  The Gardener took some seeds and planted first a row of Cucumbers, then a row of Onions, then a row of Tomatoes.

The Gardener then stood back to watch his garden grow.  Soon the Cucumbers, Onions, and Tomatoes had sprouted.  The Cucumbers fell in love with the Tomatoes but the Onions stood between them.  It looked as though this budding romance would never be, because the Cucumbers were in one row and the Tomatoes were in another and the Onions were coming up between the two.  The Cucumbers grew to be big and tall, and the Tomatoes grew to be plump and sweet, but the Onions still separated them.

Alas all is not lost, one day, later in the season, our Gardener went out to his garden and picked the Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Onions, and the Gardener made a great salad.  In this salad he placed the Cucumbers, the Tomatoes, and the Onions,  The Cucumber was at last by his beloved Tomatoes, while the Onion had to stand aside.  That is, until the Gardener ate his salad.




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