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Baloo's Bugle

June 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 11
July 2006 Theme

Theme: Red, White and Baloo
Webelos: Aquanaut & Geologist
Tiger Cub


Great Salt Lake Council

Ben Franklin – act out flying a kite, working the string up into the air,  and then scream when you get zapped

Constitution – We the People Approve

George Washington – I cannot tell a lie.  That was great!


Fireworks Cheer
St. Louis Area Council

Divide audience into two groups.  Have everyone in a circle if you wish.

One half of circle (audience): Place the palm of your hand in front of your mouth and keep it moving in a circular motion

while hissing.

Second half of circle (audience): Starting a couple of seconds after the first half, the rest of  the circle whistles down the scale. (Doh, Te, La, So, Fah, Me, Ray, Doh.) (or maybe jut have them do account down?? CD)

When the whistlers get to the bottom of the scale (or countdown), everybody responds with a well rounded Boom!

Repeat all and Boom twice,

Then repeat all again and Boom three times.



Washington's Farewell Address
Great Salt Lake Council

 It is announced that a member of the pack has memorized Washington's Farewell Address and is about to do a dramatic portrayal of it. A boy emerges dressed as Washington and delivers his farewell address:

Washington: Bye, Mom!" (He exits the stage.)


Baltimore Area Council

What did Delaware when Mississippi lent Missouri her New Jersey? I don’t know. Alaska.

What did Paul Revere say at the end of his famous ride? Whoa.

Dink: Do you know what time it is?
Duff: Nome, I don’t.
Dink: Alaska ‘nother person.

What did Tennessee? Whatever Arkansas. (Arkan saw.)

Which three states have the most ducks? North Duckota, South Duckota, and Kenducky.

Where do they grow the green vegetable that is put in gumbo? Okrahoma.

What did Delaware? Her New Jersey. (new jersey)

Where does Maryland? I don’t know. Alaska. (I’ll ask her.)

Great Salt Lake Council

  • What American has the largest family?
  • Why does the Statue of Liberty stand in New York harbor?
  • Why did Abraham Lincoln grow a beard?
  • Why is it impossible to send mail to Washington now?
  • Can you send mail to Lincoln?
  • If Washington went to Washington wearing white wool socks and Washington’s wife waited in Wilmington, how many W’s are there in all?


  • Washington, he is the Father of the Country
  • Because it can’t sit or lie
  • His razor ran on AC (alternating current) and he was in Washington DC.  (or he wanted to look like the guy on the $5 bill)
  • Because he is dead
  • Yes, he left us his Gettysburg address
  • There are no W’s in the word ALL


Knock, Knock
Great Salt Lake Council

Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln who?
Don’t you know who he is??

Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
George Washington
George Washington who?
Wow, you don’t know who he is either??  You must have been sleeping during history

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