Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy Addendum

  1. Age Requirement:  

    This discussion board may be used by Scouters and Scouts over the age of 13. If you are 13 years old or younger, you may not participate in this discussion board.

  2. Protection of Privacy of Youth Members:  

    To protect the privacy of youth members, please do not include the names of any youth members in any posting. (If you observe a posting that identifies a youth member, please use our feedback form to advise us. We will remove the posting promptly.)

  3. Open to Public Audience:  

    All postings on this discussion board may be read by the general public entering the forum as a guest.

  4. Waiver of Copyright Claims:  

    By posting you waive any claim of copyright to any writings you contribute to the forum, said writings becoming the property of the U.S. Scouting Service Project.

  5. Protection of Copyrighted Material:  

    You agree not to post copyrighted materials without having the express permission of the copyright owner.

  6. Tracking of Participants' IP Addresses:  

    We do have the ability to identify the IP addresses of participants. Although we normally do not use this feature, we do turn it on from time-to-time when we receive complaints about the behavior of participants. We can use this information to block a participant from accessing this web server.

  7. Conduct Governed by Scout Law:  

    When posting, remember that your conduct is governed by the Scout Law. If you discover a posting that includes content that is inappropriate in a Scouting venue, please use our feedback form to advise us. If we deem the content to be inappropriate we will remove it.

  8. Inappropriate Behavior:  

    Postings should be about things and not people. Personal attacks, flaming, baiting, and pattern attacks on other participants will result in suspension of access for a cooling off period or at the discretion of the moderators in being banned permanently from using the forum.

  9. Inappropriate Content:  

    Content that includes profanity, racist, sexual, pornographic, advertising, violent, or hate content is not appropriate on this board. Individuals making postings of this nature will be banned from further use.

  10. Limitation on Topics:  

    Discussion is limited to the topics available on the board.

  11. Suggestions:  

    If you would like to see an additional topic, please use our feedback form to advise us of the topic you'd like to have added. (We will not include topics for the discussion of sexual preference, religion, or inflamatory topics.)

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