Volume 6 Issue 5
December 1999

U niforms , uniforms, uniforms. I recently read an interesting question posed by a scouter wondering if Cub Scout pants are required. He had this question because of what he heard Cub trainers say during a training session. The following is how I responded to his questions as to whether or not CS pants are required even though he heard they were not.

Although I don't have the uniform insignia guide I do have the latest edition of the CS leader book. On page 16-2 there is a description of what the Cub Scout uniform consist of . The first *part* listed is Trousers or shorts followed by this wording - Official Cub Scout blue trousers or shorts. Machine washable poly/cotton.

Also it says on page 16-1 under Uniform policies and procedures that the national Cub Scout committee, made up of volunteer Scouters around the country, has the responsibility of setting the standards for the Cub Scouting uniforms. No changes or alterations in the uniform or badges may be made without its approval.

This is as good as I can get since I don't have the insignia guide, but sounds like from the resource I have the official pants/shorts are required.

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