Volume 6 Issue 5
December 1999


Big Idea #4 Prepare for Emergencies

Know Your Bike
Heart of America Council

Your bike should be the right size for you. It should be safe and in good riding condition. Have an adult check it out for you. If you notice that something is wrong with it, be sure to tell Mom and Dad.

Bicycle Safety Check
Heart of America Council

It's important to observe safety precautions when participating in any sport or exercise. Part of bicycle safety is making sure your bike is working properly. Make a bicycle safety check on your bicycle.

Part______________OK________Things that need to be done

Chain Tension
Handlebar Grips
Tire Pressure
Seat Treads

Have a family home safety check. Determine how each member can help keep the environment safe. What exit route, where is the meeting place and who will call 911?

Fireman’s Hose Game
Circle 10 Council

Have each team of boys roll sheets of newspaper into tubes and connect them with tape so the final tube is at least 5 feet long. When they are ready, roll a marble or other object down the tube to make sure it goes through. The first team to have their "water" get through the pipe is the winner. This game helps strengthen teamwork skills.

Fireman’s Drag Race
Circle 10 Council

This game can be played indoors or out. Have the boys divide into teams of three. Using an old sheet or blanket as a sling, they must drag one member of their team around a decided course. You can make it interesting by creating obstacles for them.

Fire Hose Off
Circle 10 Council

Equipment needed:

2 long sections of hose with plastic nozzles on the ends
long length of weed eater string
large Gatorade bottle to slide on the string

Play this game outdoors during warm weather. Hook up the hoses to a Y connector so both lines are coming off the same water spigot. Tie the ends of the weed eater string between two trees or fence posts, approximately 6 to 8 feet off the ground with the Gatorade bottle hanging loosely from the center of the string. Turn on the water and have two teams of boys at opposite ends of the string. Cross the water steams above the bottle, say "Go", and watch the action start as the boys lower their water steams onto the bottle and try to push it to the opponent’s end of the string. Be prepared to get wet and have a lot of fun!

Fire Prevention
Tune: Clementine
Circle 10 Council

Check your hallways; check your closets, and underneath the stairwell, too.
For if you’ve piled lots of junk there,
A big fire may call on you.

Dirty paint rags, piled up papers,
Frayed extensions cords won’t do.
Fire prevention is the answer
All Tigers must follow through.

Practice For Emergency Situations
Circle 10 Council

As a den, go over the following situations with your Tiger Cubs and partners. Discussion of these topics will help the Tiger be more prepared should similar situations arise in their own lives. Read each problem aloud and let the Tiger and his partner give their solution.

  1. You awaken in the middle of the night. Your bedroom door is closed and you smell smoke. What should you do?
  2. You are returning home from a soccer game and see a grass fire in a vacant lot. What should you do?

3. You see smoke coming out of a window in an apartment building across the street. What should you do?

4. A stranger in a car stops you on your way home from school and offers you a ride. What should you do?

5. You find your baby brother playing with a bottle of aspirin and see that the top of the bottle has come off. What should you do?

6. A strange dog comes up to you as you are walking down the sidewalk. What do you do?

7. You awaken in the middle of the night and hear the baby crying. The babysitter has fallen asleep. What should you do?

8. A group of kids in your neighborhood is playing with some things left out for trash collection. They are climbing in and out of an old refrigerator they found. Sometimes, they close the door. What should you do?

9. The fire bell rings at school and two of your friends decide they’ll play a trick on the teacher. You see them hide under a library table while the rest of the class goes out for the fire drill. What do you do?

10. A first grader steps on a rusty nail. It goes through his tennis shoe but only makes a scratch on his foot. He doesn’t want to go to the school nurse. What should you do?

Bucket Brigade
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Play "bucket brigade* and tell the boys that our forefathers used this method to put out fires.

Outside area, ten small paper cups, several gallons of water, plastic pitcher and a stick of red sidewalk chalk. Divide the Tigers into two groups: A and B. On a concrete surface, align the groups in two parallel lines. Have opposing team members facing each other. At the end of each line write the word FIRE with red chalk. Now call out the bucket brigade. To begin, pour one cup of water and give it to the first member of Team A. Direct the boys to pass the cup up the line until it reaches the last boy on Team A. Direct the boys to pass the cup up the line until it reaches the last boy on Team A, who pours the water onto the word "FIRE". This boy gives the empty cup to the opposite player on Team B; then the empty cup is passed down the line. Send a second full cup of water up line A. Continue sending cups of water until all ten cups are rotating through the lines simultaneously. The bucket brigade must continue pouring water onto the word FIRE" until it is erased.

Big Idea #5 Know Your Family
Great St. Louis Area Council

Have the boys draw a home that is modeled after their own home. Use crayons or markers to draw their house on white stock paper. Include a window for each family member. With a craft knife, cut out window openings. Place a photo behind each one, and tape the photo edges in place. (Instead of using the actual photos, ask the parents to take their photos and have them color copied at an office supply store). Cut along the house outline. Mount the art on a piece of cardboard and trim the backing so that it is flush with the art. Make a frame stand using a 3" wide cardboard strip that is at least half the weight of the house. Fold the strip in half vertically, line it up with the frame bottom, and glue on one side to the back of the frame. Use the following poem and place it up the door:

I have a special place in my own family.
I need my family and my family needs me.
Open up the door to my family tree.
To find that important person I call me!

Family Activity Chart
Heart of America Council

Establish the Tiger Cub Family Activity Sticker chart. Keep track of the things the family does together.

Find recipes that are family favorites. Shop and cook together.

Make family flags. Use fabric paint to depict unique things about your family.

Discover interesting facts about each Tiger's ancestors.

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