Volume 6 Issue 5
December 1999

C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R Cubs
York Adams Council

Have the boys make up letter cards (that people in the back of the room can see when the Cubs hold them up on stage) for the word computer. Have them draw pictures on the cards that represent (to them) what they are saying.

1. "C" stands for Cubs, we're gathered here tonight.

2. "O" stands for "outta." The meeting will be outta sight!

3. "M" stands for "many," the fun things we'll do

4. "P" stands for "people," that's me and you.

5. "U" stands for "under," let's get under way.

6. "T" stands for "to," as in let's do it today!

7. "E" stands for "everyone," so not one of you drag when…

8. "R" stands for "rise," please all rise for the flag.

The Denner calls out "Attention," "Salute," and "Please join together in the Pledge of Allegiance."

Heart of America Council

C - communication not confined

O - operating and on-line

M - memory to store away

P - programs that we learn and play

U - utilities to keep us straight

T - terminals to match and mate

E - entering much information

R - resource for many functions

Narrator: In looking far into our futures, we will use more of our computers.

Cubs Opening Or Closing
Circle 10 Council

Preparation: Four boys, each holding a card with one of the letters C-U-B-S. Each boy will hold up his card and say his line, which may be written on the back of the cards as a memory aid.

C Computers are important in our lives.
U Understanding them is the key.
B Boys who learn will gain much for their future.
S Scouts who search for knowledge will find success indeed.

Freedom for All
York Adams Council

When our forebearers came to America, they came with a dream and a will. A dream that life could be better under the flag of freedom and a will to form a nation in which freedom was a cornerstone. That same ideal still lives today and it is that very ideal that gives us the advancements we enjoy in every facet of our lives—including technology.

If you look at the history of the computer, you see that every major advancement that has been made in bringing us the computer and computer networks we use today has come from the ingenuity that thrives in a free land—a land that was founded on a dream of freedom for all and a will to make it happen. Let's join together in renewing our allegiance to our flag and the great nation that it represents.

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