Volume 6 Issue 5
December 1999


Closing Ceremony
Mt. Diablo Silverado Area Council

The computer has changed our lives in more ways than we now know. It has opened up many new and exciting possibilities for all of us. It is in this way that the computer is like Cub Scouting. Cub Scouting allows boys to experience many new and exciting things, too. It will change the lives of all who join in the fun. It will open up a world of wondrous things for boys to encounter. New horizons for them to see. Endless opportunities to enjoy. Cub Scouting is growing and changing to fit today's world. And, as with computers, the time we spend in Cub Scouting will change boys lives in more ways than we now know.


The World Is Changing
York Adams Council

While the world is changing by leaps and bounds, let's not get too caught up in the change to leave behind the positive values of the past and present.
Here's a reminder of the kinds of values that Cub Scouts hold dear.

C - Courtesy. Being polite, like holding the door for someone.

O - Obligations. Remembering that we have responsibilities, like doing our chores and our studies.

M - Manners. Remembering to say "please" and "thank you" to others.

P - Peace. Keeping control of ourselves and remembering the Golden Rule.

U - Upbeat. Wearing the smile that helps ourselves and others remember that things are really pretty good, no matter how bad they may seem.

T - Truthful. Being honest.

E - Eagerness. Being ready and willing to help others when they need our help, whether they ask us or not.

R - Respect. Remembering that God made us all no matter how different we are from one another and that we all deserve to be treated with dignity.

S - Sensitivity. Paying attention to other people's feelings and needs.

Sure, these letters may spell out "computer"a modern day wonder. But don't ever forget that no matter how fast, how fancy, and how powerful these modern machines get, they'll never be as fast as the first "hello," as fancy as the first "You are special," or as powerful as the first "thank you!"

Cubmaster: It's January [date], 2000! A new year, a new century, and a new millennium. Isn't it great that we have this opportunity to start anew? Tonight, as we close for the evening, let's take a moment to reflect on this opportunity, to renew our commitments to ourselves, our families and friends, our communities, and our world.

Pause for a moment of silent reflection. Then wish the Pack a good night.


Computer Closing
York Adams Council
Adapted from Santa Clara County Council 1996 Pow Wow Book

The theme for this month has focused on the computer. In these days, we can't imagine what life would be like without them. Computers are wonderful! But let's not forget they are only tools and they need good programming to be useful. Also we need to know how to use them.

In some ways boys are like computers. They need motivation and good guidance. With parents' help, Cub Scouting can give boys such motivation and guidance. Unlike computers, however, once set on the right path, a boy can grow to become a good, conscientious citizen. Let's give them good a program and keep them moving along the Scouting trail toward that end.

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