Volume 6 Issue 4
November 1999


Big Idea #7-Helping Others
North Florida Council

Remember that our Earth and the environment needs help also:

  • Recycle newspapers
  • Recycle cans
  • Don't waste water
  • Pick up trash outdoors
  • Recycle school supplies
  • Turn off lights when not needed

This is a great time for the Tigers to review their goals as Scouts. Have the boys give some suggestions about how they would help others. The boys will lead you in ways that they can help others as a group and how they could help on their own. Also, when you let the boys talk you can see how much they really understand about helping others. Help yourself as a leader by letting the Tigers teach and lead you. Their Ideas matter also, this enables the Tigers to build good self-esteem.

Good Turn Ideas

The Red Cross offers many Service Projects.

Adopt a grandparent in your neighborhood
Help rake their yard
Wash car
Help move trash to curb, every week.
Become a friend.
Helping someone on a regular basis, gives both parties a sense of belonging to each other.
Make cards or toys for children in a hospital.
Collect good used toys for a women's or children's women's shelter.
Collect clothes or shoes for the School district Clothes Closet.

Go and See It

Visit a retirement/nursing home
Water the school trees and landscaping during the summer
Help with your Packs Scouting for Food Drive.
Visit a Food Pantry
Visit a grocery store and find out how they help feed the hungry
Visit a community organization that gives aid to the needy.
Visit a recycling center. Take aluminum can or plastic containers for disposal.

How Much Do You Need?

Take a roll of toilet paper and have each boy tear off "how much he thinks he needs". This is all the leader tells the boys at this time. After each boy has taken a turn, have him separate it into squares and put them in front of him. Then, give the partner a piece of paper and pencil to write. For each square of toilet paper they must write something that they can do to help someone else.

One-Armed Gift Wrap

Equipment: Wrapping paper, tape, string, ribbon, pair of scissors, and an empty box for each team.

Divide the boys into groups of two. Give each team the above materials. The object is to wrap the box. One boy may only use his right hand; the other boy may only use his left hand. Set a time limit for them to complete wrapping. This can be repeated as many times as needed to allow each team a chance. Partners should join in as well.

St. Louis Area Council

Change Tag

Fast and furious, this game is useful for working off excess energy and working up an appetite. Players move around freely while "It" tries to catch another player. As the players try to avoid him, "It" can be very crafty and call out the name of another player. This player then becomes "It's" temporary deputy and can touch other players for "It". The confusion just adds to the fun and speeds up the game.

Second Hand Shop

Equipment: As many old clothes, shoes, etc. as possible.

Place as many clothes of all kinds that you can possibly find in the center of the room. On the word "GO" the boys dash into the center and put on as many garments as possible. At the word "STOP" (a pre-set time limit) the boys return to the staarting line. Have each boy count each article of clothing as he "disrobes." The one who had the most clothes on is declared the winner.

Heart of America Council

Giving your boy a chance to help others enables him to learn that it is an important part of his life both now and in the future. It also lets him learn that helping others can be fun and rewarding.


  1. Collect toys. Clean them up and donate to a local charity.
  2. Decorate and fill a food box for a shut-in or elderly person.

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