Volume 6 Issue 4
November 1999


The Magic Chef
Great Sauk Trail Council

Have boys' line up in chef hats, with illustrations of their magic recipes. The Magic Chefs of Den ___ have come up with some new holiday recipes for preparing that holiday turkey:

Cub #1: I'm going to cross a turkey with a kangaroo, so I'll get a turkey with a convenient pocket to hold the stuffing.

Cub #2: I'm going to cross my turkey with a centipede, so there will be plenty of drumsticks for everyone.

Cub #3: I'm going to cross my turkey with an octopus--my family is smaller that his (points to previous Scout)-and then besides extra drumsticks, I'll have ink for thank-you notes.

Cub #4: I'm going to cross my turkey with an electric eel and end up with a turkey that cooks itself!

Cub #5: My recipe is the best of all--I'm going to cross my turkey with a chameleon. Then when we're tired of leftovers, it will change into something else!

Santa's Chimney Woes
Great Sauk Trail Council

Props: Chimney, large Santa sack

Scene: This skit is set on a rooftop. Santa is stuck in the chimney and trying to get himself out. During the entire skit, he is struggling to free himself.

Santa: (Struggling) This is embarrassing! I've never got stuck before!

Reindeer #1: You shouldn't have dropped out of that aerobics class.

Reindeer #2: You looked so funny in those leotards! (All the reindeer giggle.)

Santa: It's not my fault. They're making the chimneys smaller every year. Besides, I watch what I eat.

Reindeer #3: Yeah. You watched all one billion cookies that you ate.

Santa: I haven't gained a pound in the last 200 years. Let's change the subject. What's taking those other reindeer that we sent to "Stop and Go" for grease so long to get back

Reindeer #4: The video games must have sidetracked them. You know how much Prancer loves to play Alien Invaders.

Santa: I suppose I should have listened to you when you started complaining about my excess weight.

Rudolph: All that added stress raised my blood pressure. That's the reason I have this red nose!

Santa: I guess I'll just have to get back into shape. I'll have to start eating your carrot sticks instead of Christmas cookies. I'll take up glacier golfing, tundra tennis, snow soccer. I'll, (suddenly) Hey! I think I'm loose! I can move! (Reaches over and grabs the bag of toys. Both Santa and the bag disappear into the chimney as he yell) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Reindeer #6: I hope the next house has a sunroof!

How Big
Greater St. Louis Area Council

(Den Leader is standing on stage. Scouts enter one by one carrying presents. You can add other decorations and backdrops as desired.)

1st Boy: Merry Christmas! I brought you something. (Hands her a small box)

Den Leader: That's very nice, Bill, but there is no need.

2nd Boy: Hi! Look at the present I brought you. (Hands her a bigger box.)

DL: Well, Bob
3rd Boy: (Rushing in) Here's a present. Boy is it heavy!

DL: Well, Tom, what a surprise. You didn't really have to.

4th Boy: (Rushes in carrying box almost too big to handle) Look what I have! Boy, are you going to like it!

DL: Oh dear, Boys

5th Boy: (Pushing heavy box across floor) Here's a Christmas gift from me. It's really neat!

DL: My goodness.

6th Boy: (Pulling a wagon on which is a box much too large to carry). Wait until you see this one! I really spent a lot of money!

DL: Boys, you are all very kind. But I think we should have a talk about all of this. Where's Jim?

1st Boy: He's coming. I don't know what is taking him so long. He doesn't have a very big gift. In fact, I didn't see him carrying anything.

2nd Boy: Here he is now.

Jim: Sorry, I'm late. I stayed after school to finish your Christmas present.

3rd Boy: I don't see a present. Look at all the BIG presents we brought. I can't even see yours. (Smirks)

Jim: Mine isn't very large, but I hope you'll like it. It's a poem.

All: What a present! (Lots of laughing)

DL: May I see it, Jim? (He hands her the paper and she reads it).

"I have no money, so I guess I'm poor
But I have friends, that is for sure
I have no money so I couldn't buy
The things I'd like, though Christmas is nigh

I have no money, but I don't care
'Cause I have you, with whom to share
A happy Christmas Season.

I have no money, so I was sad
But I looked around, and I was glad
The things I have are worth a lot
Some kids don't have the things I got
I have my dad, I have my mom
I have my dog - he loves me some
And in my den I've learned to share
Not things or money, but love and care
For each of you I wish as much
That you'll each know the work of such
As family, friends and all the things
That last when Christmas gifts are gone."

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