Volume 6 Issue 4
November 1999

It's a Beautiful Tree
Great Sauk Trail Council

Preparation: Each boy is asked in advance to bring an ornament for the pack Christmas tree. Later these ornaments will be donated to a needy family. Ornaments are placed on the tree as the boys arrive.

Cubmaster asks everyone to be seated.

Suddenly an angel appears and says: "It's a beautiful tree, but something is missing. What could it be?"

SOMEONE SAYS: "It's the star!" The angel agrees and explaining that he bought a star from heaven to place at the top of the tree. As he puts the star in place, he explains: "The star was a signal for the Wise Men to start on their journey many years ago, and it guided them along the way. Let this star signal the start of our pack meeting tonight, and guide us in the Spirit of Scouting and of goodwill. (Angel disappears)

Cubmaster then leads the Pledge of Allegiance.

Holiday Magic Scramble Opening
Circle 10 Council

Preparation: Two dens and a Den Chief can participate together on this skit. A poster board for each letter of the words "Holiday Magic" is needed. After the letters are written, let the boys decorate their posters as desired. Boys enter the stage carrying letter poster that spell "Holiday Magic". All the letters are scrambled as the boys come on stage.

The boys look at one another and at the posters and look puzzled. Den Chief enters, looks at boys, scratches his head and really looks the boys over again. He begins to rearrange the letters by moving all the boys around. He makes several errors. All the time, the boys are looking around, trying to figure out the message. The Den Chief finally gives up. He just cannot figure it out. The boys huddle together and discuss the situation. Finally, one boy goes over, taps the Den Chief on his shoulder, and whispers in his ear. The Den Chief then proceeds to properly arrange the letters to spell "Holiday Magic".

When all the letters are finally in place, the dens lead the audience in singing a lively holiday song.

Christmas Flag Ceremony
(opening or closing)
Santa Clara County Council

(Flag is spot-lighted)

Many people associate me with sunshine and the Fourth of July. I'd like to tell you about some of my more important days. Christmas Day is not usually thought of as patriotic, but YOU be the judge.

My very first Christmas, I remember very well, I was in a boat with General George Washington, crossing the Delaware on his way to Valley Forge.

By Christmas of 1814, Francis Scott Key had written a famous song about me after the British had burned our White House.

At Fredricksburg, the Christmas of 1862, found ALL my men free from slavery. I was mighty proud that Christmas.

The Christmas of 1917 was a miserable one. I was at Verdun, France, in a cold and freezing battle but I stayed on to give my men hope.

In 1941, General Douglas MacArthur spent Christmas with me in Manila, cheering our men on.

Since then, I've been to Korea and Viet Nam. I spent a little while in Iran and a long time on the moon. I've spent some time in the Persian Gulf nations too. I've been almost everywhere in the world, on one Christmas or another, since that long-ago time we crossed the Delaware.

Some Christmases have been peaceful and beautiful--others sad and dreary. I'll still be around this Christmas. I might not get as much attention as the Christmas tree does, or the presents under the tree. But I'll still be there, giving hope and courage to the men and women willing to fight for me and our country.

(May end with audience standing for the Pledge or simply by the lights dying out.)

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