Volume 6 Issue 4
November 1999


Greeting Cards
Viking Council

Joseph Cundall of London is said to have published the first Christmas cards in 1846. Less than 1000 were sold that year, but nearly a decade later, it had become a tradition. It's not Christmas without Christmas cards, is it?

Let the boys design some special greeting cards from your den. Send them to the Cubmaster, pack leaders, school principal or minister where your den meets, mayor of your town, or to the newspaper.

More Fun Facts

97% of the water on the earth is salt water; only 3% is fresh water

Dogs see only black, white and gray. They can hear much better than humans, though. They can hear sounds ten times farther away than we can.

One out of every 144 people in America has the last name of Smith.

When you have difficulty hammering small nails, you can use an ordinary comb to hold the nails while you start them.
One out of every 21 people in the world is an American.

December 1 is Eat A Red Apple Day

December 21 is Look At The Bright Side Day

The original graham cracker was developed in 1829 by Sylvester Graham, a clergyman.

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