Volume 6 Issue 4
November 1999


Do Your Best - Holiday Closing
Simon Kenton Council


Arrangement: Boys with key words hold up cards saying: Do Your Best.

Cub 1: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Cub 2: That's called the Golden Rule.

Cub3: You're all Cub Scouts of Gold and Blue

Cub 4: The Pack Lay is your special tool.

Cub 5: The best way we know to celebrate this season

Cub 6: Is in giving your best to others.

Cub 7: And now we wish you, for that very reason,

All: Happy Holidays!! May we all be brothers.

Great Sauk Trail Council


Preparation: 9 Cubs enter each with a card with the appropriate letter on them.

C - is for Christ, who birthday we observe

H - is for Happiness to those we serve

R - is for Reverence and a prayer from above

I - is for Incense, a Wise man gave in love

S - is for Snow, a blanket so pure and white

T - is for Time, as it stands still tonight

M - is for Mary, the mother of the babe

A - is for Answers, as we search for the light

S - is for a Star, shining brightly tonight.

Please join us in singing "Silent Night."


Viking Council

Why not pick something from this list of Christmas gifts which are NOT advertised n television?

Give your parents the words, "I love you."

Give your children a full day of your time.

Give an ear to someone who needs a listener.

Give a hand to someone less strong.

Give an old friend a surprise visit or letter.

Give a former neighbor a phone call.

Give yourself time to reflect on this holy season.


The Rabbi & The Soap Maker
Golden Spread Council

A Rabbi and a soap maker were walking along and the soap maker questioned the Rabbi by asking, "What good is religion? There's been religion for a long time, but people are still bad to each other"
The Rabbi was silent until they saw a boy who was dirty from playing in the street. The Rabbi asked the soap maker, "What good is soap? We've had soap for many, many years and people still get dirty"

The soap maker protested the comparison and insisted that the soap had to be used in order to keep people clean. "Exactly my point", said the Rabbi. "Religion", he said, "has to be applied in order to do anybody any good."

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