Volume 6 Issue 4
November 1999


I As a Leader of the Pack
Great Sauk Trail Council

(Cubmaster ask all leaders to come forward, calling each one by name and giving Pack position. Ask each one to give Cub Scout Sign and repeat the following in phrases.)

I, as a leader of Pack ____ promise to work in harmony with other members of the committee at all times for the benefit of the youth members.

I realize that I have the opportunity to influence the lives of young people in the Scouting program by my example as a leader.

I pledge to spend as much of my time as I can to learn how to be the best-qualified leader that I can be.

I promise to support the rules and regulations of the Pack Committee, and will work hard to provide the boys of Pack ___ with an exciting worthwhile program.

I accept my leadership role as a serious and important responsibility, I promise I will always do my best.

Leader Appreciation
Greater St. Louis Area Council
(Have four candles and light each individually)

Scouting is made up of many things, people and ideas. Tonight we are going to take a few minutes to reflect on some of the more pertinent aspects of Scouting.

FIRST - Scouting is a program. As depicted by our first candle it is one of the many items of Scouting. It is a program dedicated to the development of character, citizenship, and the mental and physical fitness of our youth.

SECOND - Scouting is for the youth of our community. Young boys who expect to learn, gain recognition by advancement, but most of all they expect to have fun with others of their own age.

THIRD - Scouting is the parents of young Cub Scouts. For without parents taking an interest in the activities of their son, taking them to meetings, and fulfilling the part of Akela, we would not have Cub Scouts.

But, as you can see, this leaves one lone candle. This candle represents the leaders of Cub Scouting. Would (call leaders by name) please come forward? I light this candle for you, for you have been a faithful leader to us and we want you to know that your work, dedication, and tireless effort have been gratefully appreciated. For without your leadership as with the leadership of all Cub Scout leaders, the first three candles: Program, Youth, and Parents would be meaningless.


Naughty or Nice
Don and Earl (the poem is from them and they are nice)

Snowman's Poop

Here's the scoop on the snowman poop. A zip-loc sandwich bag with about 12 dozen or so mini-marshmallows with a note saying "Santa has checked his list, he even checked it twice! He has found out you have not been very nice! Since coal is expensive, here is the scoop he is filling your stocking with Snowman Poop!"
Cotton Balls can also be used.

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