Volume 6 Issue 4
November 1999


Parent Re-dedication
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Personnel: Cubmaster (CM), parents of boys advancing

Setting: As parents present the emblem of the new rank to their sons the Cubmaster may ask them to repeat this promise.

CM: Parents, will you please give the Cub Scout sign and repeat after me:

We will continue
To do our best
To help our son
Along the achievement trail
And share with him
The work and fun of Cub Scouting.


The Magic Tree
Simon Kenton Council

Equipment: Undecorated Christmas tree, gold paper stars for ornaments, several unbreakable colored ornaments, invisible thread/fishing line to tie to ornaments.

CM: This is our pack Christmas tree. It looks pretty ordinary, doesn't it? The problem is, this tree is very difficult to decorate. No matter how carefully, they are hung, the ornaments just won't stay on!

(Hang an ornament or two. As you turn away, pull the thread and the ornament will fall.)

This tree can only be decorated by the magical power of Cub Scout advancement. Each advancement will become a gold star. As it does, watch how beautiful our tree becomes!

(Call each boy to receive his awards/advancements. Give him a gold star to hang on the tree for each advancement or award he receives.)

Look how magically our tree now sparkles with advancements - just as the lives of each of these Cub Scouts sparkle with new skills and knowledge.

Magic Advancement Ceremony
Greater St. Louis Area Council

There's no magic in what we are about to do next. It's time for recognizing the Cub Scouts whose hard work and skills have earned them the right to advance along the Scouting Trail. No hidden cards, no disappearing balls or coins, no magically appearing scarves are involved in advancement. It's strictly a matter of knowing what you have to do and doing it - with the help of adult leaders, den chiefs, and families, it's true. But the bottom line is that a boy has to do the work by himself.

Well, perhaps there is a bit of magic in that after all - because by fulfilling the Bobcat, Wolf and Bear tracks and marching along the Arrow trail, a boy transforms himself before our very eyes. And during his years in the Webelos program, a Cub Scout enters a period of accelerated growth and development - often earning an activity pin a month as his hunger for knowledge blossoms.

So maybe Magic is what we're recognizing tonight - the best kind of magic. Recognizing young men who have discovered the magic of transforming themselves one step at a time toward their ideals of knowledge, strength, and good citizenship.

Santa's Magic Advancement
Santa Clara County Council


Equipment: Christmas tree with lights, extra large cardboard telephone, small Christmas stockings with awards inside, candy canes for all children at the pack meeting.

Personnel: Santa Claus, elf (Cubmaster)

Setting: Hang the stockings with awards inside on the tree. Light the Christmas tree and dim the room lights. Santa Claus is outside the room but can be heard by the audience.

Cubmaster: (speaking into telephone) Santa Claus, you will be welcome at the pack meeting. What can we do to help you get here, Santa?

Santa Claus: Why, sing "Here Comes Santa Claus." It will give me all the magic I need to arrive. But remember, everyone must sing for the magic of their voice to guide me.

Cubmaster: Okay, Santa, we'll do our best! (Hangs up telephone and leads the song.)

On the last notes of the song, Santa arrives, calling "Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!" and carrying his bag of gifts, including candy canes for all the children. He takes the stockings from the tree and picks out the advancement awards, calling on the recipients and their parents to come forward. After the parents have pinned awards on the boys' uniforms, Santa gives candy canes to all the children.

Arrow of Light - The Spirit of Scouting
Great Sauk Trail Council


Personnel: Arrow of Light Award Candidates and their Parent, Webelos Den Leader, Committee Member and Den Chiefs.

Equipment: Ceremonial board, about 18 inches square, with four candles: blue-spirit of Cub Scouting, white-spirit of scouting, yellow-Arrow of Light rank, green-Scout, Arrow of Light Awards, straight pins.

Committee Member: Tonight we honor the Webelos that have completed the requirements for the Arrow of Light Award. The Arrow of Light Award is the highest award that any Cub Scout can obtain. This is the only award that a Cub Scout may wear after he becomes a Boy Scout.

(Den Chiefs come forward and get their candles. Then they line up down the middle making two rows for the families to come through.

Committee Member: This candle (white) represents the spirit of Scouting. As I light this candle may the tiny flame remind us all of our good times in the past and good times yet to come in Scouting.

Committee Member: Now I will light the way for you Webelos who have fulfilled all the requirements for the Arrow of Light Award. (Light the Den Chiefs candles.)

Leader: Now will the following Webelos and their parents come forward to receive the Arrow of Light.

Committee Member: Before you is a blue candle that represents the spirit of Cub Scouting-that spirit of giving goodwill and doing your best. (Lights the blue candle) Do you promise to fulfill the Cub Scout Promise and the Cub Scout motto, "Do Your Best", when you receive the Scout badge? If so say, "We will'.

Webelos: We will.

Committee Member: These Webelos have faithfully promised always to keep alive the spirit of Cub Scouting. As their parents, do you also promise to continue to help your boy in his Scouting adventures? If so, say "We will".

Parents: We will.

Leader: Now, Webelos and parents, form a circle, holding hands. The yellow candle represents the Arrow of Light. I am using the flame from the spirit of Scouting to light the yellow candle. (Light the yellow candle). Remember that the spirit of Cub Scouting and Scouting are one of the same. The spirit of the entire Scouting movement is one of service, high ideals, and fellowship.

Webelos, will you please repeat after me the Webelos promise: "I (name) promise to do my best to show that a Webelos Scout is faithful to his Cub Scout Promise, to be a true Webelos Scout by joining a Boy Scout troop and to uphold the Scout Oath and Law, as I have upheld the Cub Scout Promise, and the Law of the Pack.

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