Volume 6 Issue 3
October 1999



(Tune: My Bonnie)
Trapper Trails Council

My father always says gollee,
My mother just answers with gee
And when I am angry or upset,
I shout a big gollee-gee.


Gollee-gee, Gollee-gee
I put them together and get gollee-gee
With Dad'sgollee and mom's gee
Guess I'm just a part of our family tree.


I Can't Eat No More Turkey
Tune: I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Great Sauk Council


I just can't eat, no more turkey,
I just can't eat, no more turkey,
Cause I've tried, and I've tried.
And I've tried, and I've tried.
I can't eat no, no, no more.

When the family gathers round,
At the table at Thanksgiving.
See the mashed potato mound,
And the bowls piled high with dressing.
And my dad has said the blessing.
I can't eat no, no, no more.

Cranberry, that's what I see.



When I've eaten my green beans,
It's the last thing left upon my plate
Cause my mom said it must be clean
Or I won't get the best pumpkin pie in this state,
But I'm afraid I'm getting somewhat overweight
I can't eat no, no, no more.

Brown gravy, that's what I see.



Tommy the Tall-Tailed Turkey
Heart of America Council


Tommy the tall-tailed turkey
Had a big enormous tail,
And when he starts in running

It will make a windy gale.

All of the other turkeys
Teased poor Tommy every day
"Cause when he spreads his feathers,
With them he could not play.

On Thanksgiving morn one year
When fire burned the barn,
Tommy waved his tail so hard
To stop it without harm.

Now all the other turkeys

End up on a great bird dish.

But on Thanksgiving morning

Tommy and his tail still swish!



Hiking Song
(Tune: Caisson Song)
Trapper Trails Council
Over hill, over dale,
We will hit the greenwood trail,
As the Cub Scouts go hiking along.


In and out, all around,
You will never see us frown
As the Cub Scouts go hiking along.


And it's hi, hi, hee,
The Cub Scouts are for me.
Shout out our name and shout it strong,
Wherever we go, we will always know,
That the Cub Scouts go hiking along.


People In The Family Should Do A Lot Together
Tune: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Circle 10 Council

People in a family should do a lot together.
In the house or out of doors,
No matter what the weather.
Do not try to put it off,
Itís either now or never,
People in a family should do a lot together.

Mom or Dad should take the time,
Youíll be glad you did
To be a parent and a friend,
Do something with your kid.
One day they are tiny,
And the next day they are grown,
And before you know it,
They'll be making their own home.


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