Volume 6 Issue 3
October 1999




Santa Clara County Council


A good game for the pack meeting to get parents involved. The boys and parents stand in a circle by dens holding hands. Everyone numbers off alternately one or two. On the signal, keeping legs and backs as straight as possible, the players who are "ones" lean forward toward the center of the circled, while the "twos" lean outward. Players counterbalance each other for support. Once the group has gotten its balance, slowly reverse the leaners. Then have the players see how smoothly they can alternate.


Bowl of Cranberries
Santa Clara County Council


A bowl is filled with cranberries and each player thrusts his hand, palm down, into the bowl to see how many cranberries he can catch on the back of his hand. Without spilling a cranberry, he must circle the room three times or he may be required to carry them from one bowl to the other. The one having the most in the second bowl at the end of a certain time wins. This may be played in the form of a relay, each taking his turn carrying cranberries, competition being to see which side can get the most cranberries into the bowl in the shortest time.

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