Volume 6 Issue 2
September 1999



Glove Finger Puppet--"Three Little Pigs"
National Capital Area Council

Materials: hot glue gun (used by leaders), scissors, inexpensive garden gloves, small pom poms (pink, gray & black), large pom poms (same colors), pink and gray felt; googly eyes

Hot glue large pom poms to fingers (finger tips-palm side) of glove. Glue on small pom poms for noses. Then glue on ears and eyes. Glue hat (cut from felt) on wolf and dot nostrils on each pig with a black permanent marker.

Use your creativity to create other glove-finger puppets, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, etc.

Song Stumpers

The first player sings the first line of a familiar song. The other players try, in turn, to complete the first verse. If one is successful, he becomes the new leader. If not, the first leader starts a new song.

Putting on a Skit
Heart of America Council

The Cub Scout literature has poems and stories that can be used for skits, but the public library has a lot more material. Ask your librarian for directions to the literature the theater sections of the library. The youth or juvenile sections of the library also has material that is more suited to the age of the Webelos Scout.

A good skit is really a play in one act and can be more readily handled by 9 and 10-year-old boys. The Cub Scout How to Book contains some good ideas on how to write your own skit or one act play. Let the Cub's be creative. They can make the play up about anything they are interested in, sports, Scouting, a silly moment in the Den meeting, etc. Making costumes and putting on "stage makeup" makes the task more fun and enjoyable.

Den Meeting Ideas
Istrouma Council

  • Invite an actor or drama teacher to explain stage directions.
  • Ask a clown, actor, or make-up artist to show the den how to apply stage make-up.
  • Learn how to make sound effects. ("Skits and Costumes", Cub Scout Leader How-To Book)
  • Learn how to make other special effects, lighting. (Puppets, Cub Scout Leader How-To Book)
  • Tape-record the boys voices.
  • Write and perform a one-act play for the pack meeting.
  • Make costumes (Skits and Costumes", Cub Scout Leader How-To Book) add special effects
  • Videotape a short movie.
  • Create a puppet show; make a puppet stage and puppets.
  • Try shadow puppets ("Puppets", Cub Scout Leader How-To Book)
  • Ask a musician or music teacher to discuss music careers
  • Make homemade musical instruments (Crafts", Cub Scout Leader How-To Book)
  • Play favorite music from den members, discuss different styles of music
  • Host a pack "variety" show
  • Perform at a nursing home or hospital

Make Up A Joke
Istrouma Council

Choose a famous name, such as Davy Crockett.

Change the name slightly, "Davy Crew Cut".

Think of a question for your punch line.

"What famous explorer always kept his hair short?

Put your question and answer together.

Other ideas:

What famous explorer chirped at night:

Davy Crickett

What famous explorer made potatoes taste better?

Gravy Crockett

What famous explorer liked to walk barefoot over sharp stones?

Davy Rock-ett

Think of a question to maake up a riddle with the following punch lines:

Divey Crockett
Davy Crock-cat

Navy Crockett
Davy Croak-ett

Davy Shock-ett
Davy Pockett

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