Volume 6 Issue 2
September 1999


National Capital Area Council

Prospector's Cheer: Make a motion as if you are holding a flat pan in front of you, bend over and scoop up some dirt, then swirl the pan around. Pick a nugget out of the pan, look at it carefully, then raise your fist above your head and yell, "Thar's gold in them thar hills!"

Run-Ons Heart of America Council

Cub 1: Hurrah! The teacher said we'd have a test come rain or shine.
Cub 2: So what are you so happy about?
Cub 1: It's snowing.

Cub 1: You know, I once wanted to become a baker.
Cub 2: I didn't know that.
Cub 1: Well, it just didn't work out.
Cub 2: Why not?
Cub 1: I couldn't raise the dough.

Heart of America Council
Ghost Applause
Wail like a ghost three times, "Whooo, whooo, whooo!"

Silent Scream Applause
Cup hands over mouth, open mouth and pretend to scream but no sound comes out.

Heart of America Council


Bar of soap
1 Tablespoon of Rubbing alcohol
2 or 3 Laxative pills
(such as Ex-Lax or Feen-a-mint)

Mash one or two pieces of the laxative pills in a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. Rub some of the solution on your hand and allow it to dry. Then wash it off with soap. The soapy water turns bright red, simulating blood on your hands. An easy way to get the boys attention.

Editor's Note: Do not use, if you are allergic to the ingredients. Not for use by children.

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