Volume 6 Issue 1
August 1999



Trapper Trails Council

Musical- Announce the name of a well known song such as "Yankee Doodle" or "Dixie" and ask everyone to clap to its rhythm. For a different finish, tell everyone to miss the last note. Someone is sure to forget.

Big Hand-Leader says, "Let's give them a big hand!" Everyone holds up one hand with palmm open.


Trapper Trails Council

Spell surpass with two letters.

-X L

What runs around all day and lies under your bed at night with its tongue hanging out?

-Your shoes.

Cub 1: So we're supposed to do a run-on, right.

Cub 2: Yup.

Cub 1: Ya got one in mind?

Cub 2: Nope.

Cub 1: Then I guess we'll do a run off.

Cub 2:. Yup.

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