Volume 6 Issue 1
August 1999


Guess Who

Simon Kenton Council

This is a good gathering time game for parents to play with their children. It's a good learning game and they may know some of the answers that you don't know.

1.Who is The Friendly Ghost?

2. Who was Luke Skywalker's father?

3. Who was the first voice of Mickey Mouse.

4. Who is Miss Piggy in love with?

5. What animal was voted most popular film performer of 1926?

6. Who is the only person to have won Oscars for the best actress and best song?

7. Who was known as 'The Greatest Showman on Earth?'

8. Who was second in command on the Starship Enterprise?

9. What actress made a million by the age of 10?

10. Who was the first non-human to win an Oscar?

11. What is Mickey Mouse's dog's name?

12. Which witch is flattened by a house in "The Wizard of Oz?"

13. What was the name of Roy Rogers' dog?

14. Who was the voice of Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Tweety Pie?

15. What were Alvin, Simon and Theodore?

16. What's the name of Warner Brothers' romantic skunk?

17. Who lives at 39 Stone Canyon Way?


Darth Vader,
Walt Disney,
Kermit the Frog,
Rin Tin Tin,
Barbra Streisand,
P.T. Barnum
Mr. Spock,
Shirley Temple,
Mickey Mouse,
The Wicked Witch Of The East,
Mel Blanc,
Pepe Le Pew,
The Flintstones


If we're gonna' blow our own horn, why not do it up right! These are all famous scouts. Do you know them?

Famous Scouts

* Indicates the Scout was an Eagle Scout

York Adams Council

1. Neil Armstrong* A. President of the United States
2. Bill Bradley* B. Actor
3. James Brady* C. Olympic gold medal swimmer
4. William C. DeVries, M.D.* D. Olympic gold medal decathlon
5. Gerald Ford* E. Journalist, TV commentator
6. James Lovell* F. Baseball superstar
7. J. Willard Marriott, Jr.* G. Film director/producer
8. Ellison Onizuka H. Rock music legend
9. H. Ross Perot* I. Self made billionaire & Presidential Candidate
10. Steven Spielberg* J. 36th President of the United States & First Eagle Scout in the White House
11. Henry "Hank" Aaron K. Astronaut & First man on the Moon
12. Bill Clinton L. Baseball superstar
13. Walter Cronkite M. Sportscaster & former NFL star
14. Harrison Ford N. Former Press Secretary to President


15. Bill Gates O. Challenger astronaut
16. Bruce Jenner P. Founder of Microsoft Corp.
17. Jim Morrison Q. Pro Basketball player & U.S. Senator

from New Jersey

18. Merlin Olson R. President, Marriott corp.
19. John Ritter S. Transplanted first artificial heart
20. Nolan Ryan T. Astronaut
21. Mark Spitz  
22. Joe Theisman  
23. Paul Winfield  


Answers: 1-K; 2-Q; 3-N; 4-S; 5-J; 6-T; 7-R; 8-O; 9-I; 10-G; 11-L/F; 12-A; 13-E; 14-B; 15-P; 16-D; 17-H; 18-M; 19-B; 20-L/F; 21-C; 22-M; 23-B

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