Volume 6 Issue 1
August 1999


Simon Kenton Council

Equipment: 7 large colored cardboard cutouts of balloons which have the letters W-E-L-C-O-M-E on them. As each boy says his lines, he turns over his balloon to reveal the letter.

Cub 1: Welcome to each and everyone.

Cub 2: We're going to have lots of fun.

Cub 3: Let's now officially open our meeting.

Cub 4: We give to you a friendly greeting.

Cub 5: Our displays today you will enjoy.

Cub 6:There's something here for every adult and boy.

Cub 7: Now we ask that you please stand and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Trapper Trails Council

Setting: 8 Cub Scouts hold cards with the letters spelling 'Cub Scout', and repeat the following lines.

1st Cub - C is for comradeship - we learn to get along.

2nd Cub - U is for unity - together we are strong.

3rd Cub - B is for Boys - wild and wooly, but nice.

4th Cub - S is for socials - you needn't ask us twice.

5th Cub - C is for courtesy, which all of us should know.

6th Cub - O is for outings - we're ready to go.

7th Cub - U is for universal - Scouts are known in every land.

8th Cub - T is for teamwork - we'll lend a helping hand.


York Adams Council

Make up large cards with C, U, B, and S on them for the boys to hold up high. On the backs of the cards have the following lines (or lines that you make up) for them to read.

C stands for Caring. Cub Scouts care about their families and friends.

U stands for Unique. Each Cub Scout is different in his own way.

B stands for Boys. Frogs and snails, and puppy dog tails!

S stands for Super. We will do a super job because we'll Do Our Best!

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