Volume 6 Issue 1
August 1999


Cub Scout Salute Race

Simon Kenton Council

Line up the teams. At "GO", the first man on each team runs to the judge (one judge is required for each team), snaps to attention and salutes. Player then returns and touches off next member, while the judge calls out right or wrong. First team completing a given number of the correct salutes wins.

Variation 1: Judge keeps the player until he does the salute correctly. In this case, the first team finished wins.

Variation 2: Use the Cub Scout sign, handshake, Promise, Law, Motto, or any combination, instead of the salute. This game is a natural for new Cub Scouts and their parents. A great way to help prepare boys for their Bobcat badge.

Cub Scout Dice

Simon Kenton Council

You will need: Make dice from large cubes of foam rubber or blocks of wood. Paint words pertaining to Cub Scouting on the 6 sides of the dice - Tiger Cub, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light, Boy Scouts.

How to play: Divide boys into teams. Each team rolls one die (boys take tuns rolling), trying to match the words on top. If they match, each team gets two points. If not, the team rolling the "higher" level of Scouting gets one point.


Viking Council

Equipment: 1 beanbag

Formation: circle

The Cubs sit in a circle with the beanbag in the center and the leader gives them a letter in the order C.U.B.S. all the way round the circle. The leader calls out one of the letters and all the Cubs with that letter run right round the outside of the circle and back through their places into the center - where they try to snatch the beanbag. The Cub who get the bag is the inner.

Human Knot

York Adams Council

This is a great game to start off the new year. It gets everyone working together right from the get-go. Here's how it work--

Have everyone gather round in a circle. Have them put their arms into the center of the circle, close their eyes, and grab onto two other peoples hands. Now they can open their eyes. Now, without letting go of each other, they need to untangle the knot they've created. Leaders, keep an eye out that they don't get frustrated or it could backfire by having someone get upset at someone else. Otherwise, let them go!


Promise/Law Puzzle

York Adams Council

Contributed by Robert Getz


I'm Den leader for 14 wolf cubs and used a jigsaw puzzle type game to help them learn the scout promise and the law of the pack. I wrote out the Promise and law on pieces of two foot by two foot 1/4 inch masonite. I then used a jigsaw to cut out each word so when I was done each word was a separate piece of the puzzle. They took turns in groups of four putting the puzzles together. The groups were timed to see which group was the fastest to assemble the puzzles. Not only did this help them learn the promise and the law, It also forced them to work as a team if they wanted to be the winners. I was able to make two puzzles of each in about an hour for under $5.00. The puzzles are also good to use at the beginning of meetings, as boys arrive, to keep them busy until everyone is there.


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