Volume 6 Issue 1
August 1999


Thanks for Coming

Heart of America Council

Personnel: 6 Cub Scouts

Equipment: 6 cards spelling out the word THANKS

Cub 1: We hope you liked our show tonight.

Cub 2: We tried real hard to do things right.

Cub 3: It's easy to do good, you see,

Cub 4: When you have the help of your family.

Cub 5: Thanks for coming! Come again!

Cub 6: Enjoy this time. We'll soon be men.


Greater St. Louis Area Council

There are times when a man gropes for words and nothing seems to come. We get a little flustered taking tests, reciting poetry, thanking our leaders, etc. But, if we take our time the words for all those things soon come just as these words will come to help complete this message for you.

If you want to touch the past: touch a STONE.

If you want to touch the present: touch a ROSE.

If you want to touch the future: touch the life of a BOY.


Trapper Trails Council

Setting: 2 uniformed Cub Scouts alternate reading the following lines.

1st Cub: May I grow in character and ability as I grow in size.

2nd Cub: May I be honest with myself and others in what I do and say.

1st Cub: May I learn and practice my religion.

2nd Cub: May I always respect my parents, my elders, and my leaders.

1st Cub: May I develop high moral principles and have the courage to live by them.

2nd Cub: May I strive for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

1st Cub: May I always respect the rights of others.

2nd Cub: May I set a good example so that others will enjoy and benefit from being around me.

1st Cub: May I work hard and do my best in everything I try to do.

2nd Cub: Cub Scouting helps me learn these things and will prepare me for the doorway to Boy Scouting.

I Made A Promise

York Adams Council

Five boys are needed for this ceremony. Each should have his part printed on a small card he can conceal in his hand or have the part memorized.

Cub #1: I made a promise... I said that whatever I did I would do the best I could.

Cub #2: I made a promise...to serve my God and my country the best I could.

Cub #3: I made a promise...to help other people the best I could.

Cub #4: I made a promise.. .to obey the Law of the Pack the best I could.

Cub #5: I have done my best, and I will do my best because I am the best... I am a Cub Scout.

Den Leader: Will everyone now join us in repeating the Cub Scout Promise.


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