Volume 6 Issue 1
August 1999


Automatic Laughs

Heart of America Council

Personnel: Assign the parts and have the group practice. Narrator read the story, and groups respond to appropriate word.

Blue: all those with blue eyes pat the top of their head

Brown: all those with brown eyes pat the top of their head

Left: all those that are left-handed clap their hands

Right: all those that are right handed clap their hands

New: all those under 20 years of age stomp their feet

Old: All those over 20 years of age stomp their feet

Man: all males stand up

Woman: all females stand up

One day a man and a woman went to the store looking for a new car. Their old one, which was muddy brown was not running well. It left much to be desired in the way of speed and safety, and they wanted another one right away. They wanted a bright blue one.

As they walked in the dealership, the woman noticed a blue sports car on the showroom floor. "Darling," said she. "Look at the lovely new car right over there. Wouldn't it be perfect for us?"

"You may be right. It's a lot better than our old brown buggy. Unfortunately, there's one problem, I've left all my money at home," said the man.

You've left it at home?" asked the woman.

"Yes, it's right in the pocket of my new brown suit," said the man.

"Your new brown suit? Why I took that suit to the cleaners just this morning, and I didn't notice any money in any of the pockets." said the woman.

"But I'm certain I left my money in the side right pocket of my new brown suit" the man said as he scratched his head in wonder. "Now wait a minute! Are you saying I'm not right? Are you saying I'm wrong about this? Man oh, man oh, man!"

You have a lot of nerve!" shrieked the woman.

"Let's not argue. We're here to look at cars, and that blue one in the corner is a right nice model. And just think. If we buy the new blue car, we'll never have to worry about our old brown one again."

After looking at the price of the new blue car, and figuring out what they could get as a trade-in on their old brown one, the man and the woman decided buying a new car would be the right move for them. But before they left the store, they started questioning their decision. Would they be better off with the old brown car if the new blue one didn't run right? Or what about a new brown one? How long before they thought of the blue car as the old car? And would they ever feel blue about trading in their brown car? Blue or brown, old or new, what was right and which car did they want to be left with? The man and woman were so confused that they decided to sell their car and buy themselves bicycles. And that's just what they did. And they knew it was a right left right left.


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