Volume 6 Issue 1
August 1999


Bobcat Induction

Greater St. Louis Council

Personnel: Cubmaster (CM), Den Leader (DL), Den Chief (DC), Bobcat candidates and parents

Equipment: Awards

Setting: Cubmaster calls the den leader forward

CM: Do we have any boys who desire to join our Pack?

DL: Akela, I have a boy who has shown his desire to join our Pack.

CM: How has he shown his desire?

DL: He has studied the Bobcat requirements and understands the purpose of Cub Scouting.

CM: Does he come alone?

DL: No, his parents wish to join the Pack also.

CM: Good, bring him forward. (Den Chief escorts new Bobcat candidate and his parents to the front). What is your name? (Boy answers). Do you know the Law of the Pack? (Boys answers). Are you prepared to try to follow the Cub Scout ideals and obey the law? (Boy answers). Are you prepared to work hard and to advance in rank? (Boy answers). Are you willing to do your best? (Boy answers). Good. You are about to start on the Cub Scout trail. Please repeat with me the Law of the Pack. (CM and boy repeats Law).

(To parents) Cub Scouting is a family program. Parents have certain responsibilities too. They are expected to help their son advance in rank. They are expected to attend pack meetings with their son, and help at other times when called upon. Are you willing to do these things to help your son achieve the goals and fun that will be his in Cub Scouting? (Parents answer).

(To boy and parents) You are starting the Cub Scout trail which leads to the great game of Scouting. May each of you be happy in our pack. (CM shakes hands with boy and parents).

Welcome to our Pack.

Bobcat Advancement

1998 Blackhawk Powwow

Equipment: Oversized key cut out and painted gold, written on it is "Scout Spirit: and an old key on a string.

CM: We have with us tonight someone who has just joined the Cub Scout program. Will and his parents please come forward? The Cub Scout program will face you with many challenges. You will be required to attend weekly den meetings and monthly pack meetings. You will need to work with leaders and also at home with your parents. In order to achieve the highest rank in Cub Scouting, you must now set your sights on the Arrow of Light. Many times you may get discouraged because the trail seems steep and hard to climb. There is a key to achieving each of these goals.

The key to Cub Scouting. Do you know what the key is? (Wait for answer of no and the produce the oversized key.)

The key to Scouting is "Scout Spirit." "Scout Spirit" includes teamwork. It includes fair play and good sportsmanship. It includes that "something special' that makes scouts want to be the best they can be at everything they do. This key will unlock the door of achievement. Remember, with this key to Scouting - "Scout Spirit" - you can now step on the Scouting trail. This small key is a reminder of the Key to Cub Scouting. (hang key around his neck.) And that first step is rewarded with the Bobcat rank. I will present this award to your parents in token of the help they have given you. They may pin it on your uniform. (Do so.)

Making A Cub Scout

York Adams Council

The Magic Formula


3 Pint containers, 1 each of: water with blue food coloring, clear cooking oil, alcohol with red food coloring

Large, clear glass container

Test tube, 1 per boy

2 White lab coats

Ceremony table

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster FORMAT: Bobcat says the Promise; Wolf pours the blue water; Bear pours the cooking oil; Webelos pours the red alcohol.

CUBMASTER: Tonight, I am going to give you the magic formula for building Cub Scouts. Our Bobcats have done their best by learning the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack and the Motto. Would the following boys and their parents please come forward?

ASSISTANT: (Reads the names of the boys while Cubmaster lines them up behind the table facing the audience.)

CUBMASTER: (Hold up the glass container) this glass represents the Bobcats. As with anything you build, you need a foundation, a starting point, you need to know the basics. This is what our Bobcats have learned. (Boys repeat the Promise)

ASSISTANT: (Hands out badges to parents to present to their boys, everyone shakes hands. Bobcats and parents return to their seats.)

CUBMASTER: The first part of the magic formula is blue. This color represents the family, its strength, unity and participation in building a Cub Scout.

ASSISTANT: (Reads the names of the boys -- with parents -- receiving the Wolf award while the Cubmaster lines them up behind the table and gives them each a test tube full of blue water.)

CUBMASTER: Will each Wolf pour the blue liquid into the larger glass?

ASSISTANT: (Badges are handed out to parents, etc.)

CUBMASTER: The second part of our formula is clear white. It represents the progress the Cubs have made in character and spiritual growth.

ASSISTANT: (Boys and parents of Bear rank are called while Cubmaster arranges the boys and gives them a test tube with cooking oil.)

CUBMASTER: Bears pour your clear liquid into the larger glass.

ASSISTANT: (Badges are handed out to parents,


CUBMASTER: The third part of our formula is red. This red color represents the Cub Scout being helpful and doing his best as he continues to grow in all areas of his life.

ASSISTANT: (Webelos and parents are called, etc.)

CUBMASTER: Webelos pour your red liquid into the larger glass.

ASSISTANT: (Badges and/or activity pins are handed to parents, etc.)

CUBMASTER: We have completed out magic formula. It is the same colors as in our flag. May Cub Scouting help to make this a better place to live.

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