Volume 5 Issue 12
July 1999



Safe Driving Tips for Families

Heart of America Council

1. Allow enough time to avoid feeling rushed. On long trips, allow for frequent stops.

2. Have your car checked before you leave - tires, brakes, lights, turn signals, windshield wipers - to ensure proper functioning.

3. Use seat belts. They help save lives.

4. Be alert to hazards - adjust your driving speed accordingly.

5. Use courtesy abundantly - everywhere- at intersection, while being passed or passing at night with headlights.

6. Follow the rules of the road - signals, signs and road markings, for a safe enjoyable trip.


Great Map Games

Heart of America Council

At first, a map may look hard to use. (By the way you'll need a good road map for the following activities.) "I'll never figure out how to get from one place to another," you may think. The games below will help you find your way around the United States. As you explore, you'll discover a lot of interesting places. To get started, find the state and town where you live. Once you've found that familiar place, try the games, later invent some map games of your own.

Name That State

Two or more people can play this game. Take turns holding the map. The player with the map calls out the name of any capital - say "Austin!" The other player must call out the state "Texas!" The first person to miss is out. Continue playing until one player - the winner - remains. Once you're good at matching the capitals with their states, try the game in reverse. Call out the name of the state. The correct answer would be the capital.


Car First Aid Kit

Heart of America Council

Small plastic, wooden, metal or cardboard box containing:

Roll of 2" gauze dressing

Baking soda

Cravat bandage


Sunburn ointment

Small scissors

Insect repellent


Latex Gloves

Additional Supplies:

Two 3" x 17" splints (1/4 " thick)

Flashlight, flares or red flags

Container of water

Fire extinguisher

Tow chain or rope


Supplies for winter:

Small shovel

Sand or cat Litter

Chocolate candy bars

Extra pair of gloves

Extra pair of boots


Pack 'Em In

Circle 10 Council

Preparation: 8 or more people, divided into teams; suitcase, umbrella, hat coat, gloves and scarf for each team (oversized works well)

Divide the group into teams and have each team separate with half at each end of the playing area. Place the suitcase, filled with the clothing, in front of the first player on each team. On "GO", the first team members open their suitcase, put on all the clot
hing and run down to their teammates at the other end of the playing area. Here, they remove all the clothing, put it inside the suitcase, shut the case and tag the next person in line. That person opens the suitcase, gets dressed and runs back to the starting end of the playing area. The shuttle relay continues until all members have had the chance to get dressed, travel and unpack! It is fun to provide additional articles of clothing or accessories, to make the outfit even funnier.

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