Volume 5 Issue 12
July 1999



Circle 10 Council

Water Cheer: "Wet, wet, wet, water, water, water, ah-hhh"

Leaky Faucet Cheer: Hold your index finger out, tip it up and down saying, "Drip, drip, drip!"


York Adams Council

OCEAN APPLAUSE - Best done with a large group; have first row sway from side to side; second row swaying in opposite direction; third row same as first, etc. The have them add sound effect: SWOOSH, SWOOSH, SWOOSH!!

RAINSTORM APPLAUSE - Start by gently patting knees alternately to simulate rain falling. Increase the noise by switching to hand clapping as the storm reaches its height. With a hand signal, have everyone shout ""BOOM" to represent thunder. Gradually decrease the hand clapping and then pat the knees as the storm subsides.


Heart of America Council

Backyard Pool Cheer -

Don't stand up for this cheer. Lean back in your floating pool chair, take sip of your tall cool drink and say "Ahh, this is the life."


Circle 10 Council

Why didn’t the man swim on an empty stomach?

Because it is easier to swim in water

Where do ships go when they are ill?

To the "docks"

What part of a fish weighs the most?

The scales

What fish helps musicians?

A tuna fish


Heart of America Council

Cub 1: Are there any athletes in your family?

Cub 2:
My brother has been swimming for five years.

Cub 1:
He must be pretty tired.

Cub 1: My mother does bird imitations.

Cub 2:
Really? How does she do that?

Cub 1:
She watches me like a hawk.

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