Volume 5 Issue 12
July 1999


Water Balloon Toss

York Adams Council

Water balloons are a great thing on a hot August day. For this game, have the boys pair off and have the pairs stand opposite one another. Each pair gets a water balloon to toss. The first toss is with the players close to each other. Each toss should be with the players at a progressively greater distance from one another. Last team with a water balloon wins.


Circle 10 Council

Ping-Pong Pool

Start with a very small, blow up type pool. Mark the pool bottom across the center with masking tape or, if alright, paint it. It could also be marked by laying something in the bottom that will not float. Have half of the boys go to one side and the rest go to the other. Put a Ping-Pong ball in the center of the pool. Using only their bare feet dangling over their side of the pool to move the water (they may not touch the ball), the boys try to move the ball to their side. Begin playing music and stop the music at irregular intervals. The side the ball is on gets a point. At the end, the side with the most points is the winner.


Sponge Squeeze Relay

Circle 10 Council

Get 4 buckets or large containers and 6 large sponges. Divide the boys into 2 teams and form 2 single file lines. Put a bucket in front of each team and bucket at the "finish" line of each team. Put equal amounts of water in the buckets in front of the teams and put 2 or 3 sponges in the water. On signal, the boy in front of each line gets a sponge and runs to the bucket at the other end of his line, squeezing the water out of the sponge into the bucket at his finish line. He then runs back to put the sponge in the hand of the next person in line. That boy drops the sponge into the water, gets another filled sponge and repeats what the previous boy did. The first team with all of their water out of the first bucket and into the second bucket wins.


Water Kickball

Circle 10 Council

The rules are the same as regular kickball, but use a small wading pool at each base and a "Slip n' Slide" from third base to home plate.

Baseball Variation: Batter uses a Nerf bat and the pitcher uses sponges dipped in a bucket of water.


The Best of the leader Cut~Out Pages

Another good one for Scouts. Boys in two teams. Members of one team hold water-filled balloons on their heads while the others, equipped with razors and cans of shaving soap, try to lather up and shave the balloons without getting their customers wet.


PFD Switch

The Best of the Leader Cut~Out Pages

Teams arrange themselves with half their players facing the other half at opposite ends of the pool or swim area. The first racer wears a PFD (Personal Flotation Device). On signal, he and his mate from the other end of the pool race towards each other to meet in the middle where the "dressed" swimmer removes the PFD and his teammate puts it on.

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