Volume 5 Issue 12
July 1999


Squish! Squash! Ice Cream!

Trapper Trails Council

For each Cub Scout:

1/4 cup milk 2 cups crushed ice
1/4 C heavy whipping cream 1/2 C table salt
1/4 C granulated (white) sugar 1 clear gallon-size resealable bag
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 pair mitten/gloves optional
1 clear quart-size resealable bag 1 bowl or cup

Team up your group into two Cubs each. Have one Cub hold the quart-size bag while the other measures the milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla into it. Show them how to close the bag so excess air is out. Then the partners switch and repeat the process. Each Cub then scoops about 2 cups of crushed ice into a gallon-size bag, sprinkles it with the salt, and places the full quart-size bag inside. Squeeze out the air, seal the big bag and the fun begins. The boys may choose to wear gloves or mittens or have them close by in case their fingers get too cold. Squish and Squash the bags (knead), turning them over occasionally to work the ingredients together and distribute the cold throughout. Have the Cubs observe how the ingredients change while they knead them. It takes about 10 minutes of active manipulation. Pour out the salt-water ice, rinse the outside of the quart-size bag with cold water to remove the salty residue, scoop out or pour the ice cream into a cup or bowl. Add sprinkles, chocolate chips, fruits, syrups, or any other favorite topper and enjoy the Squish! Squash! Ice Cream!


Circle 10 Council

Materials needed:

Twinkies brand desert cakes

Toothpicks or uncooked spaghetti

Oreo brand cookies

Miniature marshmallows

Red Hots brand candies

Vanilla wafers

Various colors tube frosting

Open the Oreos and scrape the frosting from the center. Poke small holes through the centers of the cookie halves. Insert toothpicks or uncooked spaghetti through the Twinkie front and back, about half way up, to form axles. Put the Oreo wheels onto the axles. Using frosting for glue, attach Red Hots for rear tail lights, miniature marshmallows squished flat and "glued" onto vanilla wafers for front headlights. Embellish further as desired with frosting. When eating, watch out for those toothpicks/spaghetti.


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