Volume 5 Issue 12
July 1999


Shark Waters Advancement

Trapper Trails Council

Cut shark fins from black poster board and staple to the side of a 2x4. Spread a blue tarp on the floor and crumple it to look like waves in the ocean. Put shark fins around the tarp between the waves. Make a narrow bridge across the water by putting an 8" length of 2x4 on top of a block at either end. Nail it to be firm. Tell boys receiving the awards that they must walk across the bridge without falling in the water to receive their award. You can liken the sharks to the 5 national concerns, or you can liken them to the bad things in the world and the bridge can be how Cub Scouts helps to keep you safe from them. Mom and Dad can help hold the boy's hand, just as they do during the scouting trail.

Avast There Ye Swabs

York Adams Council

CAPTAIN: Avast there, ye swabs - your attention or I'll have ye all up before the mast. Tonight we have reached the time for the division of our hard gained loot during our last assault on Fort Achievement and the harbor town of Cub Electives. E'en tho' stoutly defeated, these forts have been subdued by as fine a crew of hearties as had been aboard this deck in many a fine moon. Now, will the First mate call forth my brave lads and their partners that they may be richly rewarded for their valor.

FIRST MATE: (First Mate calls forth Cubs who are advancing and their parents.) The crew stand ready, Captain!

CAPTAIN: Aye, and a fine group of fellows we have here. (Present awards to parents to give to their sons as First Mate calls out names) Now then, me hearties -- Let's give a fine swash-buckling cheer for our pals who have ventured forth and returned with bountiful treasure. (cheer) And the rest of ye - mark my words - I'll have no slackards in my crew - on our next raid ye ALL better be coming forward for reward or the FISH will have bait in the harbor that night! (to those still up front) Get ye back to yer quarters now and prepare for another assault and more rich rewards from Cub Scouting!

New Bobcat entering Den

Trapper Slide Council

Cubs beat drum around a campfire or candle.

Denner: Akela, there is one who wants to enter.

Den Leader: Does he know the law?

Denner: Yes, (drums begin beating faster)

Den Leader: Does he know the promise?

Denner: Yes, (drums begin beating faster)

Den Leader: Let us give the sign - (drums stop and Cub give sign) Ask the new one to enter our circle of friendship (Bobcat goes to center of circle)

All Shout: How! Now! How! Ug! Ug!


Circle 10 Council

Attach awards to oars cut from cardstock. Write on the oar, "You oar fantastic!"

Attach awards to small boats floating in a small swimming pool. Boats can be made of a cork with a toothpick sail with a penny glued on bottom for weight.

Dress as a pirate and take awards from a treasure chest.

Dress as a lifeguard and have awards attached to miniature life preservers or candy Lifesavers.

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