Volume 5 Issue 11
June 1999


Istrouma Council

Characters: seven boys, six wearing costumes depicting themes related to the appropriate states. All seven carrying a letter spelling out AMERICA

Rhode Island: Small in size, large in heart,
Freedom of worship gave us our start;
One of the original thirteen,
Home of Roger Williams and Nathaniel Greene;
Many Americans daily are fed,
By our state bird, the Rhode Island Red.

Mississippi: Look away, look away, Dixieland
Many brave men at Tupelo and Vicksburg took their stand;
Magnolias still bloom and mockingbirds still sing,
But the Natchez Trace with voices no longer ring.

Colorado: First came the real mountain men, the trappers and traders
Then gold seeders and railroaders;
Finally coal miners gave way to skiers and oil,
John Denver sought and Robert Redford still seeks to save our soil.

Idaho: The River of No Return halted Lewis & Clark temporarily,
Traders, farmers and sheepherders followed their trail merrily;
Today, tourists gaze in awe at the wonders they saw,
And even eat our famous potatoes raw!

Arizona: Navajo, Hopi, Apache, were led by Cochise and Geronimo;
Our large Indian population continues to help up grow;
Copper, cotton, cattle, citrus and climate are the "C's"
That have proven to be economic key.

Alaska: North to Alaska was the cry,
Gold fever was the reason why;
Sevard's Folly was no more,
But it was 1959 before America officially opened its door;
The Alcan highway was the first link,
The pipeline added strength.

(Boys look for the missing letter)
"E": Isn't this neat?
Without me there is no America.
I represent Everyone,

And that's what makes America complete

(Boys line up in proper order AM_RICA then E comes on last.)

See The USA

1997 Grand Canyon Council Pow-Wow Book
York Adams Council

This skit can be done as a skit with questions and answers being assigned to participants on stage or it could be done as a game with audience members guessing the answers. Boys asking questions could hold up a cardboard cutout in the shape of their states. You could also do it as a puppet show, using stick puppets for each state. Additional states could be added.

ALL: See the USA in your Chevrolet. America is
asking you to call. (This can be repeated between
each of the questions as participants on stage move
to different places.)

CUB 1: I am known as the Garden State. People in
my towns often work in factories. I was admitted to the Union in 1787. Who am I? (New Jersey)

CUB 2: I am in the Northwest and am known as the
Evergreen State. People in my towns might work in
the lumber industry. They might even make
airplanes or computer software. I was admitted to
the Union in 1889. Who am I? (Washington)

CUB 3: I am on the banks of the Mississippi River.
People in my towns are sometimes farmers who grow
corn. My capital is Des Moines. I was admitted to
the Union in 1846. Who am I? (Iowa)

CUB 4: I am the largest state in the United States.
Most of my land is still wilderness. The people in my
towns work in the fishing industry. I was admitted to
the Union in1958. Who am I? (Alaska)

CUB 5: I am known as the beehive State. People in
my towns work on farms and in business. I was
admitted to the Union in 1896. Who am I? (Utah)

CUB 6: I am located in the Southwest. Within my
borders are high plains, majestic mountains, and dry
deserts. I was admitted to the Union on Valentine's
Day in 1912. Who am I? (Arizona)


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