Volume 5 Issue 11
June 1999


  • Fishing Derby at a friendly neighborhood lake/pond followed by a cookout
  • Swimming party at a community pool, followed by a picnic
  • Raingutter Regatta with other "get set to get wet" activities - watergun fights, water ballon toss, fire brigade relay etc.
  • Participate in your community's Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day activity or parade.
  • Bicycle derby/rodeo
  • Participate in your Council/District Cub Day Camp
  • Pack weenie roast/watermelon feed
  • Go to the zoo, ball game, aquarium, local historic site, state park
  • Two important points. Make it something that can compete with the other stuff going on i.e. fun, and make it something that can involve parents. Hope this helps, and have fun

Roy Fisher
In June, we go to our local baseball stadium for a game. They actually have this set up as Scout Night! We also have a Bike Rodeo where we ask our local police dept. to run it.

In July, we have a fun family night at our local FunScape (an indoor amusement center). We also count our summer camp program as one of our Pack summertime activities. In August, we have a fun family night at a local putt-putt course and then we have a family picnic combined with our Raingutter Regatta.

So, we plan two activities per month so that each Cub has an opportunity > to attend at least one each month and therefore earn their Summertime Award.

Just be sure you have other parents out there willing to help organize these events.

Our events don't take much organizing with the exception of our Raingutter Regatta. Basically you just need a parent to keep track of attendance, someone to arrange dates and group rates, someone to maybe make certificates (for the rodeo and regatta), someone to organize the food for a picnic, etc.

Hope this all helps and good luck! It's important to have a summertime program to keep kids interested and willing to continue in Scouting!

Mary,Committee Chair,Pack 180, North Syracuse NY


  1. Go to a minor/major league ball game (check for discount group rates)

  2. Go to a museum, any kind

  3. Have a fishing derby

  4. Have a sports fitness day (we've done this several times and usually get all the fitness requirements for the ranks done w/exception of Webelos where you need to keep track for thirty days)

  5. Go bowling

  6. Go to miniature golf

  7. Have a picnic

  8. Go swimming

  9. Have a flying day...balloons, airplanes, kites, frisbees

  10. Most importantly...go to summer camp

Some of these things cost money, some are free...try to give people more than one activity each month to allow every scout the opportunity to earn the summertime pin. This way he doesn't miss out because of family vacations.
We have also held belt loop classes. We focused on one or two belt loops and got a parent to volunteer to lead the activity. Many boys earned the pin, not just the loop. And, we had a great end of summer activity award. The belt loops, especially the academic ones are fine activities for the summer. They keep the boys busy, and keep their brains stimulated.

Deirdre LaRock, Scouting is like Love; the more you share, the more you have.

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