Volume 5 Issue 11
June 1999

I Can
Simon Kenton Council

I can -- stand tall, in my heritage and believe fully in America!
I can -- strive for the highest pinnacle, or any other spot I so choose, it is my decision, to be freely arrived at.
I can -- worship at the church of my choice, read whatever books, articles, or newspapers I choose, select my own home, friends, job and associates!
I can -- sleep peacefully, free from the fear of midnight persecution, secure in the protection of my rights!
I can -- fail as well as succeed, this is true freedom!
I can -- shape my own destiny, have my visions realized, achieve anything I really believe I can!
I can -- fail and still be counted a man, gain strength and experience through mistakes, lose it all, and start over again as many times as my spirit is willing, until my dreams are reality!
I can -- grow as large as my dominant aspirations, be as big as I am willing to pay the price to become!
I can -- own my own home, start a business, invest in my future, climb to the stars by constructing my own staircase!
I can -- compete and receive in direct proportion to my efforts, thank others for assistance in my success, but look only to myself for my failures!
I can -- raise my family in freedom, and freely change homes, jobs, friends, tastes, location, vocation, and avocation, but, most importantly, I can change myself!
I can -- because I am an American!

America Is A Beautiful
Great Sauk Trail Council

Each boy holds a card with a letter of "America" on it. Flip card over and draw a picture with the same letter illustrating the descriptions below.

What do you see when you look at the word AMERICA? What mental picture do the seven letters create in your mind?

The "Capital A" suggest our magnificent snow-covered mountain peaks, and the wigwams of the original Americans.
The "m" symbolizes the broad shoulders of our pioneers; shoulders-to-the-wheel pushing our frontiers westward; broad shoulders swinging axes, building a nation.
The "e" might be the lariats of the cowboys riding the plains, lariats of Kit Carson or Buffalo Bill.
The "r" is a man with outstretched arms in friendship and cooperation toward all who love freedom, justice and peace.
The "i" represents the individual American with his right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
The "c" is a bent boy from which an arrow has just sped toward the heart of mankind's greatest ideals.
The final "a" is a man of his knees in prayer, symbolizing a nation which recognizes its Creator and gives thanks for His blessings.
Yes, America is a beautiful word!

Greater St. Louis Area Council

Our country's flag is made up of thousands of individual threads and stitches. None of them separately is anything more than a thread or stitch, but put them together and they make a flag. Each tiny thread joins all the others to do its job. Our country itself is made up of millions of individual persons, like you and me. Separately we may not accomplish much, but if we join together, work together and stick together, we can move the world. Please join me as we say the Pledge of Allegiance to our country's flag.

Flag and Candle Ceremony
York Adams Council

1 small American flag
1 white candle
1 blue candle
1 red candle
4 persons
1st person: Practically from the beginning of time, man has used symbols to express hope, ideals, and love of his own nation. Our flag represents the ideals and science, commerce and agriculture. It symbolizes the sacrifices made by men and women for the future of America. It stands for your home and everything and everyone you hold dear.
"I light the red candle which is the symbol of the red in our flag, and stands for hardiness and valor and symbolizes the lifeblood of brave men and women."

2nd person: "I light the white, which is the symbol of
purity and innocence and symbolizes the white of our
3rd person: "I light the blue candle which is the
symbol of perseverance and justice, and symbolizes
the eternal blue of the heavens."
4th person: "The stars in our flag represents states.
They indicate that the heights of achievement for our
nation are limitless as the heavens above us.'
Together: "Won't you join us in the Pledge of Allegiance?"

No matter in what part of the UNITED STATES your
HOME state may be, There's one thing everyone says you see, And everybody I'm sure will remember that. HOME is where you hang your hat!

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