Volume 5 Issue 11
June 1999


Bird Houses For A Park
York Adams Council

As long as we're talking about the National Treasures, we cannot forget our precious treasure of nature and wildlife. Why not check with some of the local and national parks to see if the boys can make and install some birdhouses. Depending on the kind of bird(s) you're trying to accommodate, the dimensions for the birdhouse vary

Name That Treasure
York Adams Council

So they think they're pretty smart with all that geography they've been learning? Quiz them on it! Make out a quiz that asks the following kinds of questions:

Name four of the Great Lakes.
Name six major rivers in the US.
Name three large bays in the US.
Name the states that have Atlantic Ocean coastlines.
Name the states that have Pacific Ocean coastlines.
Name three mountain ranges in the US.
I think you get the point. Don't make it seem like homework or a test. Put some fun and challenge

Pack Field Trip
York Adams Council

Here's a substitute for a summertime Pack Meeting. Why not plan and hold a special field trip to one of the many national treasures in easy reach?! Appoint a committee to select some field trip options, bring them before the boys to see what they want to do, and do it! Make a day of it!

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