Volume 5 Issue 11
June 1999


National Monuments
York Adams Council

This may sound a lot like a school project, but I think that's okay. I remember doing projects in school and in Cub Scouts that I cherished for years. Identify some of the land-feature National Treasures (like El Capitan in Yosemite Park and Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park) and write them out on individual slips of paper (one per boy). Each boy picks his National Treasure so that he can make a model of it. Mountains lend themselves to paper mache, rolling landscapes are better handled with Plaster of Paris.

Have the boys do research on what the sites look like, getting pictures, writing to the states for information, etc. Then they work with their families making the replicas.

During the summer months have your Tigers, Cubs and Webelos Families start saving the following scrap items.

Scrap Items to Save
Detroit Area Council

The following items may come in handy at Den and Pack meetings to use in games, crafts, or skits. So, everybody start saving.

Coffee Cans
Tuna Cans
Oatmeal Boxes
Egg Cartons
Plastic Lids
Bandaid Containers
Soda Straw
Greeting Cards
Paper Towel Rolls
Toilet Paper Rolls
Gift Wrap Paper Rolls
Cottage Cheese Containers
Popsicle Sticks
Old Magazines
Clean Foam Meat Trays
Felt Scraps
Paper Bags
Paper Plates
Milk Jugs
Bleach Bottle (rinsed well)
Empty Plastic Film Container
Orange Juice Lids (from frozen concentrate)
Assorted Nails, Washers, Screws
Wood Scraps

Useful Free Items or Items for a Small Charge
Trapper Trails Council

Ice Cream Cartons-Baskin Robbins or other ice cream shoppe
Newspaper Rolls Or End Rolls - newspaper offices, meat markets
Feathers- poultry farms
Scrap Lumber and Saw Dust - lumber yards, carpenter shops, construction sites
Glass and Plastic Bottles - cafes, drive-ins, hospitals, school lunch, grocery stores
Movies - State and Game, Fire Dept, Police Dept, Library, Power and Light, Forest Service
Shoe Boxes - parents, local shoe stores, discount stores
Wallpaper - paint stores for old sample books
Rug and Carpet Scraps - carpet stores and carpet layers
Safety Information - local police and fire dept. and utilities
Conservation Information - U.S. Forest Service, State Game and Fish
Travel Posters And Helps - travel agencies, airlines, bus, train ticket offices
Bleach Bottle, Plastic Cartons, Broom Handles, Boxes, Scrap Yarn - mothers of boys, neighbors, trash cans, stores where you work
Bowling Pins - bowling alleys throw away broken pins
Cardboard - furniture shops, grocery stores
Leather Scraps - leather good stores, upholstery shops, shoe repair stores
Styrofoam - drug stores, appliance shops, hardware stores
Wire Thin And Flexible - telephone company, ask for their short lengths or telephone wire

Things to Do
Trapper Trails Council

  • Take tours to explore the national treasures in your area.
  • Have sufficient adult supervision. Call on parents.
    Cub Scouts and Leader should be in uniform.
  • Make arrangements with the place well in advance, submit travel permits if needed and be on time (Don't forget to send your Tour Permit 2 weeks in advance to the Scout Office.
  • Locate restrooms immediately on arrival.
  • Decide on a rendezvous points, gathering times, and plans for eating.
  • Know where emergency care can be obtained.
  • Permission slip that lists how to reach each parent (telephone number) and any allergies the boys may have should be with the leader at all times (use a zip-lock bag).
  • Have a list of all boys in your care and be sure that each has some identification. Use the buddy system.
  • After the trip, have the boys write thank-you notes to their hosts. At a minimum, the pack secretary should write a note.

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