Volume 5 Issue 11
June 1999


Divide the audience into two groups and have them respond as the poem is read.

HOME: "Home on the Range"
UNITED STATES: "This Land is your Land"
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like HOME.
No matter where in the UNITED STATES you may roam. You may travel all over the UNITED STATES. But your own HOME state with you always rates. Some choose to roam while others stay, Always in their HOME state till their dying day. No matter in what part of the UNITED STATES your HOME state may be,
There's one thing everyone says you see,
And everybody I'm sure will remember that..
HOME is where you hang your hat!

Johnny Goes To A Pack Meeting
Western Los Angeles County Council

Before you read this story, tell the audience they must do just as Johnny did.

Little Johnny went to a pack meeting with his mother and father. He grew tired of sitting still so he wiggled around in his seat (Audience wiggles). Then he stood up. (Audience stands).

Johnny couldn't see much, so he stood on his tiptoes (Audience stands on toes). Since he still couldn't see anything, he turned to the left and stretched way up on his tiptoes. (Audience turns left and stretched). He still couldn't see very much so he turned to the right and stood again on his tiptoes (Audience turns right on tiptoes).

Johnny thought there might be something interesting on the floor (Audience Kneels). No, there wasn't anything there, so he stood up (Audience stands). He took a little step to the left (Audience steps left). Now he could see. There was the Cubmaster on the platform. (Yoo-hoo Cubmaster!" he called, waving his hand high (Audience waves).

At this everybody turned and scowled at Johnny (Audience scowls). Poor Johnny hung his head in shame. (Audience bows heads). Then, they remembered he was just a boy. And with a smile on their faces, they held out their right hands (Audience smiles and holds out right hand). When the Cubmaster said "GO" they all turned around and shook the hands with the person behind them. Go! (Everyone turns and shakes hands with person behind them.

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