Volume 5 Issue 11
June 1999


Bobcat Induction Ceremony
Piedmont Council

Equipment: A short piece of stick for each boy, ceremonial fire

Will all new Cub Scouts and new Leaders please come forward and form a semicircle behind our campfire?
You have come here tonight seeking admission to the friendship and fun of Cub Scouting. You have learned the things necessary to become a Bobcat. Will you give the Cub Scout sign and repeat with me the Cub Scout Promise?
Will the parents or guardians of these Cub Scouts please come forward and stand behind your son?
Parents, we are happy that you are here with us tonight because your boy is taking an important step toward good citizenship and wholesome living.
You, as parents, have a real responsibility to carry out as your boy enters our Pack. Will you cooperate, by studying with your boy the Cub Scout Program, and by attending pack meetings and every activity which will help your boy so that he will be able to achieve the goals and the fun that are his in Cub Scouting? If you will accept this responsibility please answer, "We will!"
Cub Scout (names) before you see the fire of friendship, which means that every Cub Scout in this Pack wishes to become the friend of every other Cub Scout. As each new Cub Scout enter our friendship circle he places a stick of wood on the fire showing that he too wishes to do his best to be a friend to all. Now, after your name is called and you place your token on the fire, please come forward with your parents and give the Scout handshake and receive your Bobcat badge.

Indianhead Council

Personnel: Cubmaster or Advancement Chair

Place awards in toy treasure chest.

Cubmaster or Advancement Chair: We have many National treasures in our great country. Here in this chest I have a few more. Please come forward with your parents as I call your names. (Call Scouts forward and tell what the badge is that they have earned.)

Freedom Symbols of Our Country
York Adams Council

In our American history, we are fortunate to have many freedom symbols which have special meaning to American citizens. Tonight I would like to tell you a little about one of these symbols as we honor those boys who are advancing along the Cub Scouting trail. The Statue of Liberty stands 305 feet high in New York Harbor, welcoming people of other lands to become citizens of our democracy. The statue was given to the United States by France as a token of friendship. Each year hundreds of tourists go to see Miss Liberty. The inscription at the base of this statue was written by Emma Lazarus, and reads in part: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free; the wretched refuse of your teeming shores; send these, the homeless, tempest tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door". There is a golden door to Scouting which is open to all boys. By walking through that door to Scouting, boy has an opportunity to grow in many ways and learn about citizenship, character and physical fitness. The boys who wish to walk through that door to Scouting tonight are (read names). Will you and your parents please come forward. (Continue with regular Bobcat induction). Our American flag is much more than the red, white and blue cloth of which it is made. It is the symbol of America. It stands for the past, the present and the future of our country. When we show respect for the flag, we are showing respect for all that is America..our land, our people, our way of life. When the 13 original colonies set out to become a free country nearly 200 years ago, their men and women needed a rallying point - a flag. "We will take the stars and blue union from heaven", the great George Washington is reported to have said, "red from our mother country, separating it by white stripes thus showing that we have separated from her, and the white stripes shall go down to posterity representing liberty". Respect for the flag is one of the requirements for a boy to earn the Wolf rank. Tonight we have some boys who have completed all these requirements. (call boys and parent forward and present badges and cards). The Declaration of Independence is one of many documents which established freedom in America. It was on July 4, 1776, that the Continental Congress people.. not for just some of them, but for all people...the people to whom the Declaration of Independence refers when it says "all men are created equal", not equally talented or equally rich, but equal under law, and under God. All Scouts have an equal opportunity to advance in rank and earn badges. The following boys have earned Arrow Points to wear under the Wolf badge. (call boys and parents forward to receive awards). One of the most beloved of our freedom symbols is the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell was rung in 1776 calling the people of Philadelphia to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. During the British occupation of Philadelphia, the bell was hidden beneath the floor of the Zion Reformed Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Sixty years later, as the bell was tolled for the death of Chief Justice John Marshall, it cracked. Since that time it has been on display in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, for all Americans to see. The bell is old, but the crack is plain to see, along with this inscription: "Proclaim liberty thought the land". A study of our American Heritage is one of the twelve requirements for a boy to earn the Bear badge. The following boys will receive that badge tonight.

Cub Scout Graduation
North Florida Council

Cubmaster: Tonight we have an important occasion, the recognition of (names of boys graduating) who are continuing along the Scouting trail. Will (names) and their parents please come forward.

When you joined our pack you stood in front here and with the other members, repeated the Cub Scout Promise and agreed to live up to it. In memory of that occasion, let all of us assembled here repeat that promise as a group. (Everyone stands and repeats the Cub Scout Promise).

By repeating that promise, you agreed to do your best as a Cub Scout and agreed to follow the Law of the Pack. A lot has happened to you since that night. You have grown, you have helped the pack go you have followed Akela, you have given good will. You entered Cub Scouting as a child, so to speak. You have learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and have grown into a fine young man. You first became a Bobcat, then a Wolf Cub Scout, a Bear and earlier this year a Webelos Scout. Now you are nearly 11 and are ready to enter Scouting.

Just as you continued to grow and move through the Cubbing program into Webelos, so you are now continuing into Scouting. Our charge to you is that you continue to learn, to grow, and to enjoy the challenge of Scouting that you may prepare yourself to enter manhood and become the kind of citizen our country needs. Scouting and your parents and friends will continue to help you along the way.

To show that you accept our charge, will you join the members of your new troop and give the Scout sign that you learned as a Webelos Scout and repeat with them the Scout Oath?

(Scouts step forward, give the Boy Scout signal and repeat the Oath.)

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